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Oily skin is associated with many skin problems. However, this can be easily treated at home. If you want to get rid of them or prevent them read on and learn easy ways to do so.

It is very easy to identify an oily skin, as it is shiny, thick and dull coloured. Normally oily skin is associated with problems like pimples, blemishes, coarse pores and other embarrassing stains. Although oily skin is coupled with teenage, it can occur in any age. It is true that teenagers have to go through all this more than others. This is usually due to the hormonal changes that they undergo during this age.
Generally speaking, skin tends to get drier as the person advances through age. It is also observed that when hormonal changes occur during pregnancy or menopause, the skin balance gets upset and activates the oil producing glands present in the skin.

Causes of Oily Skin

  • Inheritance
  • Eating habits
  • Change in hormones during teenage, pregnancy and menopause
  • Usage of make up and beauty products
  • Taking birth control pills
  • Pregnancy
  • Dampness in environment
  • Summer
Although these are some of the common causes for oily skin, there can be other causes also. However, no matter what the cause is, if the oily skin is taken care of properly and systematically it can get a flawless appearance. The greatest advantage of having oily skin is that your skin will show signs of aging much later than dry skin.

Tips to Take Care of Oily Skin

Oily skin needs proper and regular cleansing with warm water and soap. This helps the oil to wash off and prevent it from clogging. It is good to use natural and home made products for cleansing or at least avoid using chemical based products. It is good to use oil based cleansers as it helps dissolve sebum effectively. After the cleansing it is advisable that you use an oil-free moisturizer to retain a shine-free complexion.
Experts are of the opinion that people with oily skin should keep their skin clean. But this does not mean that you have to clean your face many times a day. 2-3 times a day of cleaning is more than sufficient. It is important that you massage your face with your fingertips properly when you apply the cleanser.
Always choose the cosmetics that are specially made for oily skin. Use an antiseptic day cream before applying make up. If you wish, you can use light antiseptic night cream occasionally and apply clarifying masks one or two times a week.

Homemade Natural Skincare for Oily Skin

Mix half teaspoonful of lemon juice and same quantity of cucumber juice and apply to your face and gently massage. This you can do half an hour before taking bath. If the skin is extremely oily, you can add few drops of eau de cologne to it. This helps in keeping your skin oil-free the whole day and also prevents eruption of acne.
If you want your make up to be applied thoroughly and evenly, you can apply cucumber juice on your face, let it dry and then apply your makeup. Equal parts of lemon juice and water mixed together and applied on face twice daily also helps. You have to let the mixture dry and then wash with warm water following with cool water splashes on your face.

Diet for Oily Skin

When talking about oily skin care you cannot forget considering the diet. Wrong eating habits are also one of the causes that increase the problems of oily skin. You need to pay special attention to your diet. Your diet should be rich in protein but sugar and oil should be minimized.
Do not leave your skin dehydrated. Drink at least 2 liters of water daily. Drinking plenty of water will help you and your skin feel better as well as flush out the toxins also. Take plenty of fruits and vegetables and reduce the amount of fat. Avoid sugar, soft drinks, alcohol, chocolate and junk food.
If you follow these easy and simple tips and try to look after your oily skin, you will definitely be able to reduce the skin problems associated with it. The products are easy to find in your kitchen and not complicated to use also.

Do you have oily skin? What remedies do you follow to treat oily skin? Which type of diet do you follow to cope with oily skin? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Name: Menaz
City:   mumbai
Comments:   It is a good and informative article. I like the tips and will certainly try them. They are very easy to follow. Thanks.
Name: Kanchan
City:   mumbai
Comments:   I did not know that birth control pills were responsible for oily skin and pimples. Thanks for the information.
Name: Riya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Natural skincare remedies are really wonderful and the tips that you have suggested are simple. I would like to add them to my daily skin care routine.
Name: Darshana Lad
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I have oily skin i want nautral tips more to increase my skin glow and reduce dark circles.
Name: preethi
City:   chennai
Comments:   i am having oily skin looks dull because of oily content in my face.plz suggest some home remedies to get a glowing skin
Name: zaib
City:   rawalpindi
Comments:   i have acne problem and marks of pimple how i can improve my skin
Name: renu
City:   uae
Comments:   This is realy informative, I have been tackling wd oily skin lots of acne pimples and ya blackheads clean yr skin at least 2 times a day after make up wash it wd oil free face wash. Cucumber juice mix wd rose water is a good cleanser. Clay pack is very effective for oil control especially at T zone area.
Name: kalyani.s
City:   hydrabad
Comments:   its very natural and easy 2 fallow
Name: geetanjali
City:   delhi
Comments:   very good
Name: lavanya
City:   chennai
Comments:   hai i am 22,i have whiteheads on my nose and on the cheeks.... i have oily type of skin.... i have tried lemon and honey but the whiteheads are not going off.... PLS HELP ME TAT HOW CAN I RID OFF OF THE WHITEHEADS AND GET A CLEAR SKIN.... i have black patches tooo... i use clean and clear face wash and clean and clear blackhead scrub... pls tell Me which moisturiser and scrubber will suit to my skin... and pls tel me which brand of foundation will suit me....KINDLY REPLY ME IT WOULD BE VERY USEFULL AND AM TOTALLY WORRIED ABOUT MY SKIN and please tell me how to keep my skin glow always. THANKS.....
Name: sheela
City:   bangalore
Comments:   How to reduce oily skin on face?
Name: aisha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   hi..m 21,n i have oily skin..i get acne..few not many though but its very embarassing as they r always seen on my face on all 365 days..then sometimes get a lil POND of pimples..thats what i call it u know..tiny pimples that form a circle on my cheeks..i basically wanted to know the ROUTINE that i should follow..i use clean n clear but not more than twice as then my skin becomes dry n it would be verry kind of u to plz help me with the PRODUCTS that i should u se as well as home remedies..(i apply tomato on my face n cucmberglycerine sometimes..PLZZ HELP!!
Name: sulekha
City:   jaipur
Comments:   Hi Aisha U should drink 10 glass of water daily. Don´t ever touch ur pimple otherwise u will have scar. You can use Face wash Fash Face wash or Klin face wash. Wash ur face 4 times with cold water per day.
Name: alina
City:   chakwal
Comments:   i hv gt a very oily skin,,my face gets white whn i wash it bt whn i move out in nlight,,it gets darker n rather oilyyy!!
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