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The rude shock in the mirror

You wake up in the morning, stumble to the basement and wash your sleepy face. As you wipe it dry with a towel, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror, and let out a loud groan. No, you're not having a bad face day. It's something much worse than that. It's the (shudder!) biggest darned pimple you've ever seen in your life! Ugh! Where did you go wrong

What causes a Pimple

A number of things can cause a pimple:

  • An improper diet that includes too many soft drinks, spicy and fried food and snacks with high iodine content
  • Pores clogged by dirt or pollution
  • Stress
  • Hormonal changes due to menstruation
  • Genes - blame it on the folks

Prevention is better than cure:

Wash Right

Wash your face regularly, not more than 3 times a day, unless you're living in a highly humid and/or polluted city which requires more washing to unclog pores. The best way to wash the face is to first lather your face-wash in your hands, apply it to wet skin and rinse. Pat dry. Scrubbing only aggravates the skin and causes further problems.

Cleansing Routine

Cleanse, tone and moisturise your face twice a day. Don't skip the moisturising step even if you have oily skin - just use an oil-free moisturiser.

Exposure to the elements

Avoid exposing your skin to the harsh elements. If you are going for a long drive, roll up your window slightly, so your face doesn't get plummeted by the wind, especially in polluted towns.


Drink plenty of water to detox your system. Impure blood and poor circulation is one of the primary causes of acne.

Eat Right

Unless you are allergic to certain foods, eating junk food doesn't lead to the formation of pimples. But overeating certain foods, especially heating foods like chocolates and mangoes, can lead to an overnight zit congregation.

Get rid of that zit - ice ice baby!

No! Don't burst it! That's the worst thing you can do! It may solve your problem temporarily so you won't go to that dinner with a large white bud blossoming on your mug, but the scar will remain for a long, long time. Instead, try wrapping an ice cube in a thin muslin cloth and place it for about three minutes on a pimple that is just forming. It kills the growth of the pimple. Believe it, it is true.

If a pimple does burst accidentally (or intentionally!), wash the area with soap. Then reach for a lemon slice and squeeze ten drops into a cotton ball. Keep it on the burst pimple for about 10 minutes. The scar will vanish.

Lime n' Lemony

Lemon maintains the pH balance of skin, and it is a good idea to give your face a rinse of lemon water once a day. Just squeeze half a lemon into half a mug of water and splash it on your face. Rinse off the residue with regular water.

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Name: Sonja
City:   Las Vegas
Comments:   I am 16 and have a bad problem with acne comming back and forth can you give me some tipsNULL
Name: Tania
City:   Melbourne
Comments:   I am 22 and still suffer from acne break outs, I have trouble finding appropriate products to my face especially make up. I do drink heaps of water and eat properly too. I think it is just a case of putting the wrong products on my acne prone sensitive skin. Please help......really considering laser surgery!!!@
Name: Minakshi
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   I am 31 and still suffer from acne break outs. Especially in the months of Nov. to Feb. I tried everything but to no use. Please help me out
Name: Tulsi belki
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I am 35 + but still I suffer from pimples and acnes and scares are left behind which look bad on my sweet face
Name: sara
City:   multan
Comments:   is there any cream or herb,lotion which could change the tan colour of my skin to fair white colourNULL
Name: Rubina
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi Tanya, I went in for lazer treatment as well, becuase I had terrible acne.. it's much better now.. The scars vanished and I'm feeling pretty again! I only wish I had gone in for it earlier, instead of wasting so much time contemplating. It's not a big deal... any reputed dermatologist should do a good job. Go for it!
Name: Anita Desai
City:   New Delhi
Comments:   Wow, the tips on Ice and lemon were great. The part about washing face three times, eating right etc. are not new. However shall recommend ice and lemon to my sis' as she has a bad case of acne/pimples on sensitive skin.
Name: sheela
City:   california
Comments:   Apply regular tooth paste not the gel, on the zit. It stops the growth of pimple overnight. This really works. Anyone with bad acne problem pl try this !!!
City:   seattle
Comments:   I have found the BEST acne treatment is a crushed asprin in a little water making a paste put it on a blemish at any time I gaurentee it will work
Name: vriti tinani
Comments:   i am 31 & i get pimples.i think its due to hormonnal changes during menstruation.is there any remedy for this.pls help.i've tried evrything but no use.
Name: Ryan Hoffman
City:   Walnut Grove
Comments:   i am 12 and i have a bad acne problem can you helpNULL
Name: someone
City:   mumbai
Comments:   HELLLLLPPP! i cant get rid of acne no matter what i do or what i try hellllppppp!!!!please!!!!!
Name: Jessica
City:   Smyrna
Comments:   I have acne and i wanted to know what gets the BEST results.
Name: roma kapoor
City:   jaipur
Comments:   i have problem of pimples an scars on my face so plz suggest me home base tips .
Name: priya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i tried toothpaste but it am left with black marks, which brand of toothpaste NULL
Name: A Visitor
City:   some place
Comments:   Hi, i'm 19 years old. And i have many pimples, after the pimple it leaves a dark spot behind. i have hyperpigmentation. Can anyone please help me out?
Name: Seema
City:   USA
Comments:   Try applying Listerine mouth wash on your pimple like keep pressing with a cotton pad all day. My aunt has been doing this for 20 years. Now she has hooked all of us too. Let me know if it works for you all too.
Name: ArchanaKumar
City:   California,usa
Comments:   I tried all kind of medicin and also took a 3 session of chinese facial method to get rid of pimples.Though the pimples r bit reduced scares r still visible.Please tell me how to get rid or reduce the scares.
Name: radha
City:   frank fort
Comments:   I have a pimple underthe right eye.But the pimple is very black iam worried please tell me a problem
Name: radha
City:   frank fort
Comments:   I have a pimple underthe right eye.But the pimple is very black iam worried please tell me a problem

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