How To Choose A Lipstick Shade? - by Editor

Choosing the right shade of lipstick is not as simple as it seems. Know more about choosing a lipstick colour that is made just for you.

It was Saturday and Madhu decided to go shopping with her friend. She went to a popular cosmetic shop in the mall close by to her place. She was amazed to see the amazingly endless lipstick collection in the store. She glanced over different lipstick colours and finally picked up three shades that she liked. But did she choose the right shades?
The lipstick shade that you pick should compliment yours skin tone and your lip colour. All your efforts of applying lipstick perfectly are of no use if the shade of your lipstick is mistaken. The right shade makes a lot of difference in the appearance and overall personality. You may be a shade away to get luscious lips.

How to test a lipstick shade?

Never use a test lipstick on your lips, doing this can be quite unhygienic. Many of us have a habit of testing lipstick shade on the back of our hand. Testing a lipstick shade on the back of the hand can deceive you and you might end up buying a shade that is not made for you. The best way to test your lipstick colour is testing it on your fingertips.
Test your lipstick shade in the bright light or a natural sunlight so that you will not be misguided by one shade for another. Once testing part is over you heads closer towards getting creamier lips.

Lipstick shade for fair skin

Pick up the lighter shades of pink and orange if you have combination of fair skin and light hair. You can also go for colours like peach and beige. If you have fair skin and dark hair then you should pick up shades of deep pink and caramel to complement the combination. Any lipstick shade will go with medium skin and hair tone but it is better to go for lighter shades to show up the richness of the skin.

Lipstick shade for dark skin

Plum or wine lipstick complements the dark skin perfectly. If you are blessed with an olive skin tone then you can experiment with reds and light browns. If you have dark skin tone then go for matte finish than frosted ones. Keep away from bright reds and pinks and colour your lips with medium and dull shades. Shades of blackberry, caramels and purples are meant for the dusky skin tone.

Tips for applying lipstick

Lipstick is an essential part of a woman's make-up kit. The right shade of lipstick will enhance the beauty of any face in a few minutes. If you fancy luscious lips then you can try out these tricks to have fuller lips that are absolutely kissable.
  • Use lighter shades during daytime
  • Go for darker shades if you are going to attend an evening party
  • Shape your lips with a lip liner that is close to your lipstick shade
  • Create a shade by blending more than one shades of lipsticks
  • Apply foundation as a base and then apply lipstick
  • Avoid lip liners and pencils, to make lips appear soft and natural
The lipstick colour that is meant for you will look great even if you do not wear any other make-up. A shade that looks great under in the tube or stick will not necessarily look great on your lips. Once you have the right lipstick shade, apply it on your lips. Get ready to mesmerise everyone around you. While many may admire your pout, some may bite their lips with envy.

How do you choose your lipstick shade? How do you test your lipstick shade? Do you take in consideration your skin tone while buying a lipstick? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Comments on Article

Name: Patricia
City:   U.K
Comments:   Whenever I wanted to buy lipsticks I go to the mall and ask the salesgirls over there to help me out. Most of the time they have fair idea about the right shades. In a cosmetic shop you will get every possible shade. I use Mac lipsticks. They have variety of shades. It is important to keep your lips moisturized. Some lipsticks tend to soak up the moisture. I apply some Vaseline before going to bed and in the morning my lips feel soft. Some lipsticks contain vitamin E which is good for your skin. You can always use plain lip gloss instead of lipsticks if your lips have become too dry. Keep experimenting with your lipstick shades.
Name: Shruti
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I bought some shades from the market but then I realized these are not right shades for me. But instead of discarding them I tried blending few shades to get the shade that I want. It worked. Blending a light pink lipstick with little bit of red can give you a good shade. Blending brown shade lipstick with violet shade will give a glamorous shade. I apply lip gloss once I am done with application of the lipstick. The second thing I learnt about lipstick that one should have a lip brush so that you can pull out the lipstick at the bottom of the tube with the help of the brush. I can not do without lipstick.
Name: Niti
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   My sister used to test the lipstick colour on the back of her hand and at the end she would keep complaining that the colour is not so good. Then I told her that most of the time the skin tone of the back of your hand does not match with the skin tone of your lips. I will share the tip from this article about testing lipstick shade on the fingertips with my sis so she will not be unhappy after buying her lipstick. Most important she will not spend unnecessary on lipsticks. Choosing a right shade is very important. A wrong shade can mess up your look.
Name: poornima
City:   hyd
Comments:   the tip on blending lipstick shades is quiet a good idea and useful too. will try it. thanks.
Name: su
City:   bangalore
Comments:   well i have to start useing lipstick now i am 18yrs old.
Name: state select hot water heaters
City:   Edson
Comments:   Nice site Thanks, webmaster.
Name: shabana
City:   nasik
Comments:   All about lipstick is fine. But which shade we must try in office.i.e the lipstick shade must be not too dark or light. a perfect shade which will suit in office premises. plz tell the shade name
Name: priya
City:   kumbar
Comments:   I use lip pencil and then use lip stick,just give the picture of lip lips ia little black,what colour should i use.we i use lipstick it go off after a 5mins.what is the tips to stay it for a long time.
Name: manjeet
City:   meerut
Comments:   nice tips.thnx
Name: romala
City:   tuticorin
Comments:   iam bit dark.wich color lipstic will suit me pls help me out
Name: vidya
City:   cochin
Comments:   Thanks 4 lipcare tips.Hope u´ll answer my question.A brand name & color name or number of a blending shade 4 a person with fair skin & dark hair?Thanks.
Name: Anu
City:   bathinda
Comments:   For checking the shade of lipstick i used to use my hand´s backside.but now i come to know that it was i´ll try to adopt new method of fingers.
Name: macy
City:   Rizal,Philippines
Comments:   When I am putting on lipstick, it dries out immediately which causes me to have it retouched time after time.Is there any way to make my lipstick long lasting?
Name: Naziya
City:   mumbai
Comments:   Very helpful tips. I will surely try this out. Thanks
Name: Jaswinder
City:   chandigarh
Comments:   i want to know which shade of lipstick is perfect for me
Name: vidya
City:   cochin
Comments:   Which is the best fairness cream available 4 an oily, fair face?
Name: Saiesha
City:   Margao,Goa
Comments:   I was using dark reddish lipstick since 4 years, but now i am feeling that its not the right color, please let me know
Name: Nithya
City:   cbe
Comments:   I have fair skin and dark lips. wat color will look elegant?
Name: sara
City:   lhr
Comments:   i,ve very fair complextion n want 2 use pure red lipstick bt which shld i use or which color can be mix plz reply me
Name: pari
City:   delhi
Comments:   my lip colour is a little black,,,plz refer me which shade i should use for normal day out...

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