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While we are definitely more concerned with our looks than the previous generation was, we still have a long way to go before we actively try to make the most of our looks. Look around you. Most of the women we see have their hair pinned up away from their face, with minimal make up, and a few - or quite a few - extra pounds packed around the waist.

However, to be fair, we are getting more and more fitness conscious here in India. A few years ago there must have been a maximum of 5 gyms throughout the country! While now there are about 50 in each city. A good sign, but we still have a long way to go.

Ancient Egypt

No other country or culture was so concerned with beautification as was Egypt. Cleopatra the VII has also written a book of beauty secrets. Even today Egyptian glass perfume vials decorate many a classic dressing table and the herb Aloe, so ingrained in ancient Egyptian beauty treatments, is still a vital ingredient in most skin-care creams.

Body Oil

If body oil is not a daily part of your bathing ritual, perhaps its time you made it so. The heat, dust and pollution of our times plays havoc with our skin. Ever wondered why Egyptian women were renowned for their alabaster skin Records show that all women, from the richest to the most destitute used body oil in huge quantities. In fact, sufficient body oil for daily use was often issued as part of wages!

Egyptian Anti-wrinke cream recipe

1 tsp sweet almond oil

2 drops of Frankincense essential oil or Rose Attar.
Mix these ingredients together and you have an excellent anti-wrinkle cream. Cleanse your face and apply this to your face at night. Massage it in your skin gently for about 5 minutes, and wash off the next morning.


Bitter or sweet almond oil were the most common ingredients of Egyptian cosmetics, and are excellent for the skin. Use pure almond oil as an under-eye cream and keep crows-feet at bay. Almond oil is also excellent for your hair. Mix almond and coconut oil to your hair and wash it off after an hour, for excellent results.

Body Oil

Try this: After bathing, pour a teaspoon of almond oil into a mug of water and pour it over your body as a final rinse.

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Name: ayesha dhoda
City:   durban-south africa
Comments:   i like these tips. in fact im going to buy the almond oil today. simple and cost effective!
Name: c alramahi
City:   chicago
Comments:   thank you for posting this sounds great i'll use it as soon as i buy the ingredients
Name: lifeflakes
City:   bangalore
Comments:   hey, could we eat almond nuts daily instead of applying oil, would it be effective.
Name: honey
City:   Pasadena
Comments:   What is this rose attarNULL I have seen this word in the preparation of Egyptian Anti-wrinke cream recipe. What are the other names of that.. Thanks
Name: shakti
City:   toronto
Comments:   tina you are stupid. I think the human race is allergic to you. you don't even have basic good manners how are you going to be beautiful....
Name: Vandana Jadhav
City:   Vadodara, Gujarat, INDIA
Comments:   Hi, I'm a fan of home beauty treatments too!! the almond oil suggestion is cool, but pure almond oil is hard to find especially where I stay if anyone has suggestions on purchasing pure almond oil which is branded i would surely appreciate it. thanx n rgds
Name: stacey
City:   Brisbane, Australia
Comments:   You can usually buy alomd oil thats been either mixed with jojoba oil, or another base oil. These are just as good.
Name: Mr tariq
City:   sialkot
Comments:   What's UP??????
Name: tony
City:   CA
Comments:   Lize, chrissy, tina.....Cat Fight!!!
Name: Amber
City:   Pakistan
Comments:   Rose Attar is also known as Rose Water in most areas easily available in indian shops or Arg-e-Ghulab is another name for it, please lets be adult we use this sight for help in self improvement, if one person is ignorant - lets not lower our own selves to that level.
Name: Rachel Abu-Judom
City:   Milwaukee
Comments:   I am a young mother , and have been searching for ways to naturally maintain healthy skin . This sight is very helpful .I will tell all my friends !
Name: anika
City:   alwar
Comments:   stop it,girls.even if tina wrote something u did'nt like u don't have to make vitriolic comments.anyways,pure almond oil is available by the name of badam roghan shirin by Hamdard.its available almost everywhere.rose attar is very very expensive but u can use gulab jal which is nothing but rose oil,water n preservative.
Name: louise paganini
City:   Geraldton
Comments:   I have got so many pores on my skin and it is making my life miserably.I have got a few acne scars they arent that bad how can you get rid of them .I need your help and i would appreciate it if you give me some ideas Thank you
Name: Anonymous
City:   JC
Comments:   Everyone has lots of pores on their skin!!!!
Name: zarvae
City:   n/a
Comments:   my mother is egyptian
Name: Nini
City:   miami
Comments:   I have dark spots on my face...what is a good way to clear the spots and even out my skinNULL
Name: shazia
City:   Karachi
Comments:   Hi, I really like your article!Its simple and easy.. Thanks!!
Name: neeru
City:   TN
Comments:   Hi All, This site is wonderful! with loads of useful info. I want to know what is "frankincense oil" and where to get it in Tamilnadu or atleast can u just tell the Tamil/Ayurvedic name of that oil....Pls reply soon
Name: mahy
City:   cairo
Comments:   and i am proud to be egyptian
Name: Lovisa
City:   Stockholm
Comments:   For Louise: I've heard that frankincense oil can remove scars almost fully. I don't know if it would work on ache scars, but hey, it's worth a shot?

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