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Dress Better

You don't need to spend a fortune to dress well, but you do need to make careful choices when shopping, so your outfit doesn't go horribly wrong. Read on.

So many of us have nice enough faces and bodies, but when it comes to dressing well, we either just don't bother to take the time out to wear something that looks good and accessorize it well, or we just don't know how to do so.
You don't need to have a lot of money to dress well. With so many malls mushrooming in every corner, you have access to numerous stores and a wide variety of clothing that was not available earlier. Many stores now sell fashionable basic clothing at reasonable rates, and you can get some great bargains at sales. Don't go for everything cheap or everything expensive. Incorporate a good mix of economical and exclusive, expensive items in your wardrobe for a good balance. For example, purchase a few basics from stores such as Westside, and then visit a couple of exclusive stores for some trendier styles.


Don't wear two loud colours together, unless you're Govinda and are appearing in a David Dhavan slapstick. You could wear a single colour from head to toe, but if the colour is very loud, consider breaking it with the help of a neutral shade. So if you are wearing a red top, instead of pairing it with red trousers, consider opting for beige. The same goes for other colours like emerald green, shocking pink etc.


Dress according to where you are going. If you are going to the office, be subtle and don't wear anything revealing or sexy. But if you are going to a nightclub, you could definitely go all out. You may still stand out though!


Often the only accessories many women wear are a pair of gold, diamond or pearl earrings - which they continue wearing day after day irrespective of their outfit. Consider opting for long earrings with coloured stones to really dress up an outfit. If the stones are the same colour as that of the outfit, they will be a perfect complement. Even a simple outfit can look very dressy with matching, striking earrings.


Don't wear black shoes with every dress. Get shoes that match. Delicate sandals score over clogs or platforms every time, especially in the summer. If you cannot afford to have shoes in every single colour, purchase something like white or silver sandals with a white or silver bag. This can then dress up any outfit.


Pay attention to fabric. Here in India cotton is so reasonable, there should be no need at all to opt for anything polyester. Stick to cotton and denims for a causal look, and if you cannot afford silk for a more formal outing, dress up your cotton outfit with accessorizing it well instead of opting for polyester.


Make sure your arms and underarms are waxed at all times, and your eyebrows and upperlip are threaded. Hairy underarms or unruly eyebrows can ruin an otherwise perfect look.

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Comments on Article

Name: mamta
City:   bangalore
Comments:   practical and sensible tips. some women dress so badly i wish they read this and learn something!
Name: rashmi
City:   bangkok
Comments:   yes ,good one .some women dress up wearing bangles /bindi etc for western outfits also it looks horrible ,pls do not do so
Name: pheba
City:   oklahoma city
Comments:   y in the heck do u indian chicks were bindi and bangles w/ jeanss
Name: tiya
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Coz we indian women are modern , working but at the same time we are attached to out traditional values. thas y bindi / bangles , its a matter of ur own personal choice if u dont like it , dont think that nebody else doesnt
Name: manju
City:   Seattle
Comments:   Ya I agree with tiya.It depends upon person to person .some like bindi/bangles with jeans and some not but it definitely luks gud on some person.It all depends upon wat one is comfortable in. to be modern doesnt means u shud not wear bindi/bangles with modern dress. For an indian especially married girls Bindi/bangles means a lot and is an inevitable part of our indian tradition.
Name: chaitu
City:   paris
Comments:   I don't know some people foreget the culture. Wearing bangles and bindi is not wrong. It is our tradition.We should not forget our tradition where evre we go or what ever dress u wear.
Name: Reema
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Not wearing bindis/bangles is not like we forget our culture...I don't say wearing all that is wrong but we should also concentrate on dressing better...So, we can wear bindis/bangles but only if they go with our dress-up...so your outfit doesnt go horribly wrong.
Name: suman
City:   reunion
Comments:   yes,I agree with reema.she is absolutely right.
Name: rita houlahan
City:   Byron Bay, Australia
Comments:   I personally believe it is up to the individual what they wish to wear. Who is to say, what is right or wrong, as long as the person wearing the outfit, bangles and bindis feels totally comfortable, that is all that should matter. We spend too much energy wondering what others may think and in the end, what should matter is what you yourself think and believe. I believe no individual is the same and that includes there dress sense. Stop judging others in what they wear, We will leave this planet only with our soul, not our accessories
Name: Priyanka
City:   Boston
Comments:   I soooooo agree with Rita. I have just moved to US and beleive me I have seen people wearing most outrageous outfit emsembles over here. Bindi/Bangles with jeans is noits tim where near to being as awkward as what I see over here. Dressing is matter of personal choice and I am no one to comment on it. However if anyone out there wants some suggestions- western outfits (casual) can be teamed up with more trendy (and inexpensive too) bangles and bindis. Next time watch such combos more carefully in Bollywood movies. You are sure to get lot of style tips from there. But with business formals these are strictly a no-no. Bangles can be subsituted with Bracelets though but bindis out of question. However, in the end if you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, thats not the outfit for you...cheers!
Name: sillytulip
City:   okc...home of the hornets...
Comments:   ya...ya..ya...u guys tink its a personal choice..not considering how gross ur face looks like that..pl..guys give it a break ..don't be a slut..trying to act sexy...stick to the dress codes..u'll respect ur so called traditional values better...ur mixing up hot butt revealing attitude with ur so called Hindu valuess ..uhuh..ain't gonna happen ..n' for all of u who replied to my question go die
Name: sillytulip
City:   okc
Comments:   hey priyanka...u think outfits in boston are outrageous ...thatz da style yo..haven't yo heard " when in rome do as the romans do" so get into the style traditional values and western outfits..
Name: lolly
City:   london
Comments:   do yourl agree with the staement,the way you dress refelcts your personlaityNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULLNULL
Name: abc
City:   goa
Comments:   i accept it that i dnt have a good dressing sence. but i want to improve it. i want to look smart n sexy. plz guide me untill i learn everything about a perfect dressing. im 24yrs,height 5 inch n little overweighed.icant wear normally skirts, top, jeans type of dress due to my family. but while going out with my frens i can wear it. pls tell me how to lok sexy in salwar/kurta and tell me also about modern dresses how to carry them. im from a middle class, so tell me what assesories should be in my wardrobe
Name: woteva
City:   london
Comments:   hey sillytulip you really are a silly old bat...for one you can not spell...Did you not attend school loveNULL and GROSS love...people like you invented that word especially since no one is able to tell your back side from your scabby face...so tell you what - go and do as all you caucasian Americans do and get a face lift - and lose some of that disgusting weight...and what the heck has Hindu values got to do with anything...culture is nothing to do with religion...if you actually went to school and educated yourself instead of opening your legs and letting any old guy do you...you would have known that...now go and die yourself...hoe!
Name: fiza
City:   mumbai
Comments:   okay!girls chill well i think that if u want 2 wear bindisbangles then wear it but with salwar kamez...salwar kamez is also beautiful dress if u dress well but not with jeans coz it will effect ur dressing sense dear if u really want 2 follow ur culture can wear bindisbangles with salwar kamez but when u wear jeans plz dont try banglesbindi 4 sometime everytime it is not necessary 2 show off how well cultured u r ....well if u want 2 really dress well than follow this otherwise ur choice thats ur personal decision....:)
Name: hanna
City:   canada
Comments:   i dont know why everyone is so irate about this.. isnt bollywood the main stream these day... common.. who cares as longe as you are happy with what you ware
City:   SAN FRAN
Comments:   THIS SIGHT ROCKS:]
Name: fvrgwb qedkcsjh
City:   dxhfy
Comments:   rkwd hslvbt itselqujn htnepu bufst aptliyjb awnsjkq
Name: uzxfnjcg mijluotc
City:   kwxfclr
Comments:   hynt fwjvxqko oljn auenqkys xvwfcmith jqyf astek bexgy vwuk

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