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Pregnancy Symptoms after IUI

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IUI increases the chances of getting pregnant. Pregnancy symptoms after the IUI procedure are the same as with normal conception. Women after IUI may experience one or more of the common symptoms of pregnancy. Read on to know the pregnancy symptoms after IUI procedure.

Women opt for IUI in order to get pregnant. In this process the sperm is placed exactly where it should be in order to bring about a fair chance of successful pregnancy. This means that it is placed inside the uterus by the means of a fine catheter. As it is made to reach directly inside the womb, the woman is more likely to get pregnant than the case if the sperm travels the distance on its own, the condition that happens during a natural intercourse. The pregnancy symptoms from IUI are not very different from natural conception. They are discussed in brief below:

Bleeding during Implantation

After the IUI procedure is complete, the symptoms begin to appear within a couple of weeks. The first amongst them is the implantation bleeding. This is however not a generalized symptom. It can happen in some women while it may not happen in others. In both the cases it is perfectly normal. Often women also confuse this symptom of spotting that happens before menstruation. Implantation bleeding is basically a condition when the embryo implants to the walls of the uterus. This can happen six to twelve days after conception. A bit of cramping can also be associated with bleeding.

Menstrual Delay

Stress and several other hormonal problems can render an impact on the menstrual schedules in many women. Women are commonly found to experience a delayed menstruation or miss a period that sort of hints towards a possible pregnancy. Mild bleeding and spotting can also happen and it is medically normal. It is known that after conception, menstruation stops but these spotting and bleeding symptoms are not reasons for worry.

Tenderness in Breasts

There are possibilities of misunderstanding as the symptoms that are experienced during normal menstruation can also be experienced during early pregnancy as well. Tenderness and swelling in the breasts is one such symptom. The breasts feel sensitive, heavy and sore and if this feeling persists when the period is late, it is advisable to take a pregnancy test. 


This is one of the most common pregnancy symptoms and can also be caused by other factors like strain and exhaustion. A sudden surge in the progesterone hormone is the primary reason behind this fatigue for pregnant women. A very high level of progesterone induces sleepiness in the person. The situation is further compounded by the fact that the blood sugar and blood pressure plummets. This causes the blood production in the body to rise which validates the extra consumption of energy.


The infamous morning sickness has long been associated with pregnancy. Here again not every pregnant woman experience this symptom. The fact that women need to note here is that this typical nausea can be experienced during anytime of the day. This is partially caused by the surging estrogen levels that slowly drain out the stomach. A sudden strong odor can also play the foul sport.

Aversion or Craving for Certain Foods

Craving or aversion for certain foods are typical for pregnant woman and can last throughout the entire term of the pregnancy. Here people are more attuned to the idea of craving but the aversion part is not much talked about. Often even a sudden smell, taste or look of a certain food item can cause a churning sensation in the stomach of the pregnant woman. This is believed to be caused by hormonal changes and noticed particularly during the early days of the pregnancy. 

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Yoga.1 year ago
Hi, I would like to know the hospitals in tamilnadu offering IUTPI, the new variety of IUI
Abdul razak.2 years ago
my wife àftèr iui 11day no symtom for how money days checking in praganancy test
Megha.3 years ago
Great write up. Keep us more informed about such issues with your write ups.
Lalita.3 years ago
Will i experience same or different symptoms of pregnancy after having an IUI? After how much time should i expect a positive news?
Razia.3 years ago
I had an IUI. Ever since I got IUI, i had a feeling of cramps. sometimes the cramps were severe. Is this a sign of pregnancy?
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