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Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My wife is 7 months pregnant and a white discharge is coming out of her vagina. Is this a reason for concern?
T. Gaurishankar (Bhopal, India)

A: See the doctor to check if there is any infection in the vagina or there is a leak of amniotic fluid.

Q: I am 3.5 months pregnant. I am getting a vaginal discarge but I do not expereince any pain or irritation. Why is this happening? Please advice.
Prerana (Kansas City, U.S.A.)

A: This white vaginal discharge is known as leucorrhoea and is a normal effect of pregnancy. The discharge will increase until delivery, so it is advisable to wear a sanitary pad during the last few months. Keep your genitals clean and dry and avoid tight clothing, deodorants, soaps, bubble baths and perfumes. Do not douche. If the discharge turns yellowish, greenish or very thick, notify your doctor immediately.

Q: I am 5 months pregnant, and am getting a yellow discharge. Is this normal, or should I consult a doctor?
Rameeta (Bali, Indonesia)

A: A whitish, slimy, mucus discharge is absolutely normal. A yellow, thick, purulent discharge is not, especially if it itches. Essentially, if it itches and has a foul odour, see your doctor.

Q: I am 30 years old, and am four months pregnant. I get a white discharge from my vagina. This has been happening for many years. I have tried applying creams, but to no avail. Can this be treated? Will it hamper the growth of my baby in any way?
Nomita (Mumbai, India)

A: It is perfectly natural to get a white discharge. Sometimes this discharge is colourless, and sometimes it is white. It is required to keep the vaginal area moist. You need to get it checked only if there is itching, or if the discharge is extremely foul smelling - i.e. you can smell the foul odour every time you visit the bathroom.

Q: I am four months pregnant. My problem is that there is a white discharge often, whenever I pass urine. Is this normal?
Kavita (Bhubaneshwar, India)

A: It is perfectly normal to have an extra white discharge during pregnancy. But if the discharge causes itching or is foul smelling, you will need to get it attended to.

Q: I am pregnant, and have a white discharge. I discharge a lot during intercourse as well. Is this normal?
Kreena (Dubai, UAE)

A: White discharge without itching or foul smell is perfectly normal. This discharge increases during intercourse, so donít worry.

Q: I am 3.5 months pregnant. I am experiencing a white mucus discharge. Is it normal?
Zara (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)

A: The discharge is normal unless it is foul-smelling or induces itching.

Q: I want to get pregnant, but am not sure whether I will be able to. I get a white discharge quite frequently - especially when I make love.
Mini (Wales, U.K.)

A: The discharge is normal unless it is foul-smelling or induces itching.

Q: I am around 2 months late. I think I could be pregnant, but I have been getting a white discharge. Could I be pregnant? If yes, should I be getting any white discharge? Is this normal?
Madhuri (Salem, India)

A: If you are pregnant and are getting spotting or an itchy white discharge, you should see a gynaecologist. If the discharge does not itch, nor is it foul smelling, there is no need to worry. This is completely normal.

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