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You are here Home > Recipes > Desserts / Indian Sweets > Plain Cake Recipe

International Desserts Recipe by Asmita

 1 hour  Not Available

2 eggs
200 gms maida
200 gmsm powdered sugar
150 gms white butter
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
teaspoon salt

1. Beat the egg and to this add powdered sugar and vanilla essence     and keep aside.

2. Then beat the butter until soft and mix it in the egg mixture. Mix     Maida, baking powder and salt together.

3. Then slowly put this mixture into the egg mixute. Mix thoroughly.

4. Take a baking tray, grease it with little butter and maida and then     put this mixture into it and bake in the oven for 45 minutes at 180     degrees.

Feedback on recipe
Name: Kavita Idnani
City:   Dubai
Comments:   Can we prepare same cake in Microwave? if yes, pls. inform me how many minutes should I keep this mixture to bake

Name: Paru
City:   Delhi
Comments:   Is there a recipe of cake to be made in the microwave. pls tell me.

Name: Suja
City:   Chennai
Comments:   Yes. You can make the same cake in Microwave .Keep it for 5 minutes microwave high.

Name: oxana
City:   reunion island
Comments:   what is Maida?

Name: Sarika
City:   gurgaon,india
Comments:   I want recipe for eggless cake and can it be prepared in microwave

Name: Dr.Jyoti Priyadarshini
City:   Bhopal
Comments:   please send recipies for eggless cakes.

Name: bhuvisai
City:   muscat
Comments:   if u r making cake in microwave u need convection baking facility in it....

Name: neal
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i want receipes in cake but i without oven pls send soon

Name: shanthi
City:   chennai
Comments:   i dont have oven in my pls say how to prepare cake without using oven?

Name: bindu
City:   Bangalore
Comments:   Hi, anybody can tell me how to prepare a plain cake just like that. i dont have an oven at home? Plz. tell me how to prepare it with the details of the ingredients and method of cooking.

Name: Pavithra
City:   Mangalore
Comments:   i want different cake receipes but i dont own a oven...could u pls send me the recipe

Name: meenu
City:   delhi
Comments:   how to make plain cake in microwave.and which time 2 set and degree.its L.G with grill.

Name: Monika Jain
City:   Ahmedabad
Comments:   hi, I have a very easy recipe for nice eggless cake in microwave. Take 1cup maida,34 cup sugar pdr,2tbsp ghee,2tbsp milk pdr, 12tsp soda, 12tsp baking pdr,1cup milk,12 tsp vanilla essence and 1 tsp coco pdr .Add all the ingredients in a borosil bowl and microwave fr 5 min. and then keep on grill for 2 min..Yummy cake is ready

Name: Monika Jain
City:   Ahmedabad
Comments:   hi, plz read three fourth to 34 and half to 12 in my last mail as it was a mistake by website.

Name: sakshi
City:   delhi
Comments:   pls tell me how to make an eggless cake without using an oven or microwave

Name: Neha
City:   Indore
Comments:   Plz send recipes of eggless cakes.

Name: state electric hot water heate
City:   Edson
Comments:   Amazine site Thanks, webmaster.

Name: meenakshi
City:   lucknow
Comments:   hi,monika iam thankfull to you.beacause of you i will try eggless cake.then i tell you how is it.

Name: neela
City:   london
Comments:   what is maida????? plez specify

Name: Kavita
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   all u can make cake without oven on gas. put tawa or chapati girdle fiest and put the cake pan over it cover it(preferably with dome shaped cover)and bake it for 12 an hour (approx.) check in between. same recipe mention here can be used to bake on gas monica method u have suggested is good, i use to make this type of cake but it lacks that baking effect. can u pls suggest me how to bake the cake in convection method of microwave. thanks in advance

Name: kavita
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   read 12 hour as half an hour

Name: vishnuprabha
City:   chennai
Comments:   Maida is nothing but All purpose flour.

Name: Tapati Choudhary
City:   bhopal
Comments:   Hi frnds, I was searching for an eggless cake recipe and saw the recipes in this site. Kavita , i also make cakes in the microwave and truely it lacks the Oven affect. U can try in convection mode , use a metal cake mould only the temprature can be 175180C for 30 mins(keep on checking), though first 5 mins in micro and then 2 mins in grill also is a good option.

Name: prema
City:   chennai
Comments:   Hi kavitha thanks for ur tips for baking cake without using microwave.

Name: Radhika
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Hi. I have a microwave with microwave, convection and grill facility as well as combination of microgrill and microconv. Can anybody tell me how can i make a cake in tht. It has a preheating facility. Just wanted to know wht degrees and and how long tht shud be.

Name: Raji
City:   Kolkata
Comments:   Hi everybody you can make cakes on the gas using a pressure cooker.The flame should be in the sim mode and the weight should not be kept on the cooker.Bake for 4550 minutes.

Name: veena
City:   delhi
Comments:   can cake prepare on otg if yes then how much take tempreture and time

Name: Elizabeth suresh
City:   Mysore
Comments:   while bakin at 180 C in my microwave(IFB)MY CAKE GETS burnt so what should i do???

Name: Ritika
City:   dubai
Comments:   thanks a lot. I am baking this cake for the first time and it came out rocking. this is a must try recipe

Name: nidhi
City:   mumbai
Comments:   pl send me recipes of cakes i can bake without using any type of oven

Name: SADeavaBomBak
City:   Al Manamah
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Name: HAsogApersdes
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Name: sachin
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Thanks all. I made my first cake and that is eggless using convection microwave. Microwave for 8 min on 180 deg. And grill on same temp for 4 min. Let it cool down for some time

Name: sachin
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   Thanks all. I made my first cake and that is eggless using convection microwave. Microwave for 8 min on 180 deg. And grill on same temp for 4 min. Let it cool down for some time

Name: shruts
City:   coimbatore
Comments: can i prepare a eggless chocolate cake withouot using oven as i dont ve a oven at house

Name: Chelsea
City:   London

Name: Smita d
City:   nagpur
Comments:   hi i have an to prepare an egless cake in to set the temperatue?b´ coz in otg there is no knob for temperature setting

Name: nisha
City:   mumbai
Comments:   i have a covenction microwave oven i want to know which untensils i should use to bake a cake in bake mode. can i use aluminium pan

Name: Gayathri Gopinath
City:   Erode
Comments:   Iam very much interested to prepare cake but can u please explain how to prepare a cake with out Oven

Name: shivangi sinha
City:   kolkata
Comments:   The recipe for cake is really good but what is bothering me is that i own a oven which does not have convection mode in it.its IFB 20PGS01 model and i have microwave,grill and combination cooking mode in it.plzz tell me how to prepare any kind of cake in it.plzz do reply

Name: Mita
City:   Ramgarh
Comments:   Thanks for the cake recipe, Asmita... I will definately try this christmas.. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!!

Name: Debanjana Sen Sharma Rao
City:   Vizag
Comments:   I have tried this cake in my IFB microwave with convection.But the top part of the cake gets burnt.I faced this problem with all cake recipes that I have trid.

City:   DUBAI

Name: kalpana nandakumar
City:   chennai
Comments:   i want to know how to set temperature and time in IFB microwave and convection oven for baking cakes

Name: damoolya
City:   karntaka
Comments:   simple

Name: sathish
City:   chennai
Comments:   how to set the temperature in godrej...den how to make cake softly

Name: Gitasree Chakravarty
City:   Kolkata
Comments:   Can this cake be prepared in a Microwave Oven? In that case what will be the temperature and time limit, pls. specify.

Name: salma
City:   hyd
Comments:   hi.plzzzzzzzzzz tell me hw to make cake with out oven as i dint have oven.plz do reply me

Name: uma
City:   india
Comments:   veg recipe for o.T.G. other than cake pizza

Name: anand
City:   guntur
Comments:   i want buy microwave to prepare pufs,birthdaycakes. give me site, wichone is good i am a stranger to this field. give me a guidence for me.

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