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You are here Home > Recipes > South Indian Cuisine > Therattipal Recipe

Indian Sweets Recipe by Rupali

 15 to 20 mins  4-5 people

2 cup fresh grated coconut
3 cup jaggery dissolved in water
2 tbsp ghee
Cardamom for garnishing

1. Bring dissolved jaggery to boil.
2. Add fresh coconut to the boiling jaggery.
3. Mix well lower the flame.
4. When the mixture becomes dry add ghee to it.
5. Allow it to cool.
6. Garnish with cardamom.  (cardamom is optional).

Feedback on recipe
Name: sunita
City:   singapore
Comments:   hi, think you have some confusion here therattipaal is made out of milk. its by boiling the milk until it shrinks and adding sugar and cardamom. your recipe describes the making of coconut puran for ganpati modak.

Name: malathi
City:   UK
Comments:   Hi I thin you have given wrong receipe for therattipal

City:   canada
Comments:   i agree with the first two feedbacks. "Theratti" means condensed and "paal" means milk. so the name itself describes the ingredients. please change your receipe or the title..

Name: sumi
City:   newjersey
Comments:   no she is right it is "therattipagu" means condensed jaggery syrup it is a kerala dish which tastes very good

Name: Shubha
City:   Sydney
Comments:   Yeah, All the above comments are valid. Please change the title of this recipe. It is indeed confusing. Thanks. Happy Cooking!!!

Name: Jayanthi Sivakumar
City:   Chennai
Comments:   hi, i think all the feedbacks are right. i expected to learn how to make theratti pal and was disappointed to see a different recipe.

Name: geethaparthasarathi
City:   singapore
Comments:   hi, actually therattipal is nothing but milk gova. the difference is therattipal is made with jaggery and milk gova is made with sugar

Name: Devi
City:   Phoenix
Comments:   The above mentioned recipe is called "Thengai theratipal".It is a kerala name to our tamil pooranam.....

Name: seetha
City:   pune
Comments:   oh.. me too looking for the milk recipe. If I´ m not wrong, it´ s made from spoilt milk. Was looking for therratipal recipe. anyone can share the same?

Name: sudha krishnakumar
City:   kerala
Comments:   This is the receipe of Thanga theratipal and commonly theratipal means sweet made with milk and sugar.

Name: Ushasriraj
City:   Chennai
Comments:   This is not the one..wonder guess i am a better cook hehhee...spoit milk s the main ingredient...lemme try reading it from another website bye!

Name: raji
City:   Thane
Comments:   the above is right, pal therattipal is made with sugar and milk

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