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You are here Home > Recipes > Mughlai Cuisine > Palak corn masala Recipe

Main Course Recipe by hema kashyap

 10-12 minutes  2-3 people

Palak-3 bunches (bolied & pureed)
Corn-1 cup boiled
Onion paste-1 tbsp
Tomato paste- 1 tbsp
Ginger/Garlic/Green Chilly paste-1 tsp
Garam Masala-1 tsp
Oil or Ghee-1 tbsp

  • Take oil or ghee in a pan.
  • Once heated, add the ginger/garlic/green chilly paste and fry for 1    minute.
  • Add pureed onions to the paste & wait until it turns light brown in    color.
  • Now add tomato paste & salt & cook for 3-4 minutes on sim.
  • Now add the corns & cook for 3 minutes more....
  • Ready to be eaten with hot tandoori rotis or bread....Trust its a    zhatpat recipe when unexpected guests turn in for surprise    dinner....

  • Feedback on recipe
    Name: Sumita
    City:   Bangalore
    Comments:   When the palak should be added ?

    Name: payoshni
    City:   PUNE
    Comments:   i have just started cooking..wanted a new recipe , this is good but the recipe u have posted in incomplete..when do i add palak ? or garam masala ? slightly unclear :((

    Name: sangeeta
    City:   hyd
    Comments:   do to add the is simple and easy..

    Name: sangeeta
    City:   hyd
    Comments:   when should we add the palak along with the corn ..otherwise it is simple and easy..

    Name: vaishali
    City:   mumbai
    Comments:   thanks a lot for giving such good recipee.

    Name: harish
    City:   ambala
    Comments:   fine receipe

    Name: geetika khurana
    City:   ludhiana
    Comments:   ur recipe name s palak corn bt u hvnt added palak

    Name: geetika khurana
    City:   ludhiana
    Comments:   ur recipe name s palak corn bt u hvnt added palak

    Name: geetika khurana
    City:   ludhiana
    Comments:   ur recipe name s palak corn bt u hvnt added palak

    Name: geetika khurana
    City:   ludhiana
    Comments:   ur recipe name s palak corn bt u hvnt added palak

    Name: geetika khurana
    City:   ludhiana
    Comments:   ur recipe name s palak corn bt u hvnt added palak

    Name: soni
    City:   jaipur
    Comments:   where is palak

    Name: Kamal jeet
    City:   Rampur
    Comments:   It is very delicious recipe

    Name: kiran
    City:   bhopal
    Comments:   When the palak should be added ?

    Name: wheessads
    City:   Brno
    Comments:   Ano, asi tak to je

    Name: hema
    City:   india
    Comments:   sorry the palak should be added along with the corn....oops apologies forgot to mention it!!!

    Name: aanchal
    City:   benguluru
    Comments:   theres no mention of the palak!!!when do v add it

    Name: BINAL
    City:   BARODA

    Name: Richu
    City:   DubaiU.A.E.
    Comments:   Ur recipe is amazing except the part that u forgot to add about when to add the garam masala & the palak but that´ s fine, no worries,but i can tell u that since i´ m an Home Science student stdyin´ in Dubai, u have helped me a lot for my practical exam Kudoos to you & do keep giving us more fantastic recipes such as these.

    Name: shalini
    City:   kolkata
    Comments:   when to add palak and garam masala.

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