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Raising Children Topics..

You are here : home > Raising Children > The Girl Child > Biased Against Daughters > Comments


Name: Ravina
Country: United States
Excellent article! Women have a role to play in the system as well and their submissiveness and lack of action only causes further problems and worsens the case. Well written.

Name: Shriya
Country: india
it's a nice article

Name: leena
Country: usa
sad part is that women themselves do not realise the disrespect shown to them and their family(parents) and are content in having 'sons' to perpetuate the same to their daughter-in-laws. none other than men get benefitted in this whole affair as a husband , son , fil. only education of girls and improved self-esteem can help in fighting this social evil.

Name: preeti bhambry
Country: india
it is shocking to know that in many places of our country girl child is killed even before she is born.infantile foeticide is our country'sreality. but why a girl is consider to be a burden when they too can get employed and can easily become a bread earner and be easily an earning member!

Name: noureen
Country: usa
my aunt once said "people prefer boys because if they fall sick suddenly in the middle of the night, only their son can run & get the doctor but not their daughter.our society is not that safe to let your daughter go out in the middle of night...even to get a doctor when you are dying" that is how people support their thoughts there.daughter can be helpful in household things- sons can not.but once bahu comes you get your india a boy can do whatever he likes.but a girl is restricted from everything her whole life.

Name: Prakash
Country: india
most parents have a "mistaken" belief that their sons will be social security for them?? how is this belief "mistaken"??? why do the builders of this website have to publish all these statements on this website that are disturbing and offensive for men????

Name: Pradeep Sharma
Country: india
all the women's issues articles on this site are full of mean statements towards men. i could'nt stand all the statements that were made against males on this site!!

Name: Bias-AGAINST-Males
Country: usa
this entire site is filled with demeaning statements and stereotypes, not of girls or women, but of boys and men. it is obvious the site is produced by females with a resentment of males. the obvious and subtle putdowns are disturbing. what kind of physical or emotional abuse are sons, brothers, nephews, husbands and fathers of this site's builders subject to? why are you incapable of presenting information in a nuetral form-- female sexism is alive, strong, and real. both genders should be treated equally and with equal respect and awe .. you don't create equality for females by tearing down males. it should be obvious that this is what females have been subject to -- so don't use what you despise.

Name: chickki
Country: india
well done!! way to go!!.hip hip hurray for girls

Name: rahul
Country: india
this article is too good .. makes practical reading ...

Name: Sapna J. Bhatoye
Country: india
we need to focus more on women health during pregnancy, treatment given by in-laws etc. women need to be made educated about their thoughts towards male and female as even they are womens. the article is very good and very motivating

Name: padram
Country: india
girls are treasure to ones family especially to a mother. education to girls will lift the family. girls are gems that is why both start with letter g. girls give moral strength to the family.

Name: chandan roy(iitkgp)
Country: india
women r really more important then men.because men only help in reproduction society and civilisation are formed and sustained by women . restrict but let them live

Name: chandan roy(iitkgp)
Country: india
a son is a son till he gets a wife, a daughter is a daughter till the end of your life. (correct) the dowry system- it is imperative that we abolish this evil .(correct) female infanticide it is shameful. why the boys r angry?? the article says nothing wrong.

Name: Lesley
Country: other
the other referring to thailand via the uk. remember, the one who rocks the cradle rules the world. and. educate a woman, educate a nation. both self explanatory. i don't claim to understand the ideas and belief systems in india and china but would say that if anyone harmed a hair on our daughter's head, my husband would kill them. it doesn't have to be the way it is. education is the key.

Name: Pradeep
Country: india
the best way to ensure female supremacy over males-subject your little sons and little boys in general to the male-hating feminist bullshit out there and have them grow into it! this way, they will not only respect women, but will also disrespect their own gender, will you be happy then????????????? ?????????

Name: Anonymous
Country: india
very good article for lowering and discouraging boys' and mens' self esteems, keep it up!

Name: Sahiba
Country: india
well done.keep it up.

Name: rati
Country: india
the belief is mistaken because many sons do look after their parents, but many do not. come on. u cannot dispute this. it is great when it happens, but it cannot and should not be expected bec then parents are broken hearted when it doesnt happen.

Name: xxx
Country: india
indian society was is and will always be biased towards male. and one can easily understand that after reading some comments here. the author has written nothing demeaning about menfolks. all she/he wanted was to encourage parents having positive attitude towards their girl child. instead of writing foul about this topic one can help in bringing healthier attitude towards women/girls in our society by discouraging pratices like dowry, giving daughters equal opportunity for education and equal rights to their properties and not give lame excuses like 'women can't go out in the middle of night'.

Name: Priyanka bhambry
Country: india
please understand a simple was god who created girls and boys and he never laid down the rules that girls cannot live their dreams and that boys can rule girls.let girls also be smiling and happy what harm does it cause a man if he sees his lady content.

Name: germain
Country: other
the education of the girl child is a necessary and should be encouraged to help in the eradication of gendeer disparity and ensure equal access to quality education. this will help cut down the number of violence on women as they too will know their rights and fight for it

Name: Soneesh Rai
Country: india
i am also a proud mother of a 2yr old daughter. my husband and i had decieded before the birth of our daughter only that we will have one child. now it is daughter and we are very happy to have such a cute daughter............. idea of having second kid just because you have a daugter is a stupid thing......

Name: K. Radha
Country: australia
ohhh that was an incredibly interesting read. it is a shame that there are societies that are so biased towards one sex that the other could be murdered. education is he key and i think things are slowly changing toward a more balanced way of viewing gender. i believe it is true that dowry might be a large part of why people wish for boys. i find the idea of dowries offensive. why should anyone feel the need to pay someone to marry thie daughter? how many deaths & injuries occur to young brides because of the dowry? as for those saying it was a male bashing artical could you please send me the link to what ever it is your read because it sure was not this artical. i found it to be informative and objective(those who believed this was male bashing may need to look up the meaning od objective... fools)

Name: rose
Country: usa
men are such losers

Name: Annonymous
Country: canada
i don't think that only in india and china people prefer to have boys. it is worldwide and in all cultures. in the asian society it is more because of dowry system, girls being burnt killed as well as many other tortures for not full filling demands made by the boys' family. no parent can see their child in pain. you can have a mean daughter-in-law/ but she does not torture your son, in anyway. that is why people prefer to have sons they don't want to go through the pain of seeing their daughters unhappy. and i don't find this article offensive to men - they shouldn't be complaining.

Name: divya
Country: india
i am a mom of 2 daughters.and now somehow i started feeling to have 1 boy too.i know this is not right.can someone help to get rid of such feeling.

Country: india
it is actually remorsefull when we get to know that a woman herself induldges in such an act of getting a girl fetous aborted . it is an absolute shame.

Name: Papa darling
Country: india
i am a proud father of the only daughter we have. my wife was interested for a son while me a daughter. but both of us decided to settle for only one issue. having got the daughter, we celebrated very well. my daughter is 6 years and we have great time with her till date. i cuddle her, kiss her, hug her like a heavenly gift to us. but how many days more. onceshe gets maturity, certainly she would start distancing from these bodily gestures. i am sad now with the thought of she getting older.

Name: rob roy
Country: usa
i think males are better

Name: krina trivedi
Country: india
i am proud to be a woman and i want my daughter also to be proud as i belive if we should have one child only, we should pray for a baby girl .girls are the best and non comparable with the boys.

Name: john
Country: india
why is it that these females are so stupid ? well stop resenting it guys, it is their nature. you cannot change ones nature ,you will have to eliminate the whole female gender . a female is not born so hostile . infact a girl who is allowed to grow naturally will have a desire for a husband who is also her hero. today's women are brought in a make believe world in which it is fed into their illogical heads that they are discriminated against.females ,remember do not need to show facts, they need only to be told something with emotional appeal , and these divine creatures(females) will know the truth without going through facts. what discrimination are they talking about ? well they say they are equally capable as men but they were held down by men so that they could not compete against men ? then why so are men wilting now ? when everything around you you see and use things which have been invented ,discovered , built by men and when everything that brings comfort into women's lives have been made by men why are women crying hoarse ? if not for men women would live in caves and would have been extinct in some years. if women were indeed oppressed why did their masters(men) fought and died in wars to sheild their slaves ? it seems the men were really stupid . these women should indeed be given equality. they should be sent to the battlefield in equal numbers so that they die as often as men do. they should be given as harsh a sentence as a man for the same crime ( in case you are not aware men are given much harsher sentences than women for the same crime across the world ). they should be given the most dangerous jobs in equal numbers as men . ( men account for than 95 % of deaths which are work related .in case you were not aware of these facts and therefore in doubt , be assured that these are truths . you will not hear of it because men cannot be victims according to the bloodsucking biased bastards and bitches of the world, that honour should always be given to the deserving female). one bias is this , why do you need to give a man a life sentence or death for a rape when the female can easily get on with her life after sometime. it is a crime that can in no way equated to a murder or cutting off a person's hands or legs. well guys, it is for you to stand up against this hypocrisy . each of you can do it in his own way. because if men awaken to the truth women cannot cry hoarse all the time and get away with it.remember women are more alike children, they are less responsible. they do not mature as much as men do, they stop maturing at 18 unlike us who grow unto 22. also they have more childike faces and structure and they cry so very easily compared to men. these characteristics arouse men's protective instincts and therefore men are easy on women compared to the way they are with their fellow men. but do not let this make you blind to the opportunists among us to fool you.and remember the opportunist can be a man too. for women are more easily deceived by flatterers than men are and there are ought to be some men who will sing praises of women for their benefit.

Name: [pl[pl[pl
Country: india
toooooooooooo good keep it up de author

Name: am
Country: india
this article is good. but one should not forget that mere education won't change the mindset, because this so called "education" comprises serious flaws, it accentuates more on rot learning rather than understanding and to develope one's personality as the parents from well-off families are shamlessly abetting the female inafanticide and these "erudite" and "rich" parents are more indulged in this evil practise. the contemporary educational structure can make you engineer or doctor or professor et c.but cannot become a "human being", education devoid of personality developement becomes meaningless why should we blame poor people ? besides the quixotic policies (made by our so called "erudite" "i.a.s." bureucrates) regarding female infaticides have done almost nothing to stop this evil practice.

Name: Chetna Chauhan
Country: india
a daughter or a girl is the holesoul of a family she is the only key of success of a family.

Name: Kell
Country: other
dear john 1# in case you didnt see the top of the article: it's actually about "the girl child" - not men verse the world, so find a different forum to complain about half the human race. 2# fact: some women never ever get over being raped. there is no excuse for such an activity - and it should never hapen, but does. i think if you ruin someones elses life like this - then that sort of punishment (to males or females) is acceptable. 3# this is a website containing a list of female inventors and their inventions. take a look! inventions such as life saving drugs, kevlar (a polymer fiber that is five times stronger than the same weight of steel) and the apgar scale. maybe they could have invented more - if they were given a proper education like most boys had in those days. in ending john - why cant you get over yourself and just except that fact that women and men are just as talented, gifted and wonderful as each other. in relation to the article - i thankyou for opening my eyes to such and amazing culture. i pray that all babies (boys or girls) would be treated equal - and equally loved. :d

Name: surbhi
Country: india
women is a god

Name: ashley
Country: india
if there is no girl u know what happen if there is no boy then from my side both are important

Name: to noureen
Country: india
noureen, if someone falls sick in the middle of the night, the son doesnt have to run out and call the doctor. the son or daughter can easily pick up the telephone and call the doctor on his cell, or in case of an emergency, an ambulance can be called.

Name: anonymous
Country: other
hey listen up here young man. women are not slaves, men are not masters. women are twice as intelligent and capable as men. i can say this because i have the facts. you say that without men we'd all be extinct? well you dodo(if you even know what means)you do need women to reproduce you know. two men can;t make a baby, or haven't you realized that? you say a woman who is allowed to grow up and develop natuarally will long for a husband who is her hero? you know what, you must be the dumbest man alive because we women do not need a hero as we are more than capable of taking charge and looking after ourselves and our familes, unlike some useless males. you men need women to make you feel good, don't you? afterall, would another man be able to cook for you? bear your children, love and nurture them through the years and still keep a good job? nope, don't think so. so you see, it is every man's dream to have a wife who is his heroine. after all no man would be able to bear as much as women have done. ever seen a woman give birth? do you think you would dare take her place? a woman is a gift to her country because with her she brings more than any man could. children should bear their mother's name not the father's because all the father did is contribute to their conception and nothing else. look at the many of the world's leading political figures.most are men and look at the state of the world today. wars everywhere. why? because men know nothing about running a country. women on the other hand, know the importance of life, of love. women know how to bring peace and achieve their aims with peaceful means. men are masters? forget it. a master is supposed to be responsible for the wellbeing of others. a master is supposed to contribute to the happiness of people under their care. can a man do that as well as a woman can? no. so you see, men are not masters. women are more like children? women are not like children. in fact in case you have not realized, women are the birth givers of children. women are the mothers of countries, of civilisations, the mothers of men too. women in fact are more responsible than men. think of the sacrifices a mother makes for her child. an irresponsible person does not do that. we have female infanticide. why? it is because of the thinking of men. no woman would even contemplate such a thing. women are blessings to her country and men should realize all this.

Name: sneha r shah
Country: India
by reading this article it has given positive ideas n it has been truly said that womens are always one step ahead from men n due to womens support only the man gets success...

Name: lalitha
Country: india
women are also responsible to an extent for this situation. if women brought up thier children well and taught thier sons to respect women - and if they treated thier daughters with the same love, affection and gave them the same rights they gave thier son, this problem wouldnt arise.

Name: MAN
Country: India
in actual both men and women are equal, no one is superior that the other. but due to errogance of men they sometimes toy with woman. but not all are bad, when there is evil there is good. man look down on women men also look up on woman. i seriously don't like man bullying woman. but i have see that there are not much ppl who fight back. they just follow the flow. rape cases and all. this shows the filth of some ppl who call them self man. a true man onli shows his powers to some one equal to him, and definately not woman.

Name: diya
Country: India
women is more important than man.

Name: diya
Country: India
women is more important than man.

Name: kavita
Country: India
women are the who can do everything..and are capable to do it watever they want it..

Name: vibha
Country: India
women is strength of our country.

Name: writer
Country: India
wonderful article

Name: mo
Country: India

Name: saan
Country: India
i'm proud to be a men an rule women and acts as a master.

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