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You are here : home > Raising Children > The Girl Child > My Daughter, the CEO! > Comments


Name: Priya
Country: India
This is a great read for parents who tend to underestimate the power of women in the society.

Name: Rajesh
Country: India
The article is a real eye opener for the Indian Parents, who thinks girl child as a second citizen. People should realise that Girl and Boy has equal weightage in our life.

Name: Pratibha
Country: India
very well written.

Name: Pallavi
Country: India
a lot of parents around me look to their daughters to hold the torches for the family.gone are the ages when girls were expected to raise kids & keep the house warm.most men these days love a successful partner - not only does it bring in the extra comforts to the family but also furthers the intellect of the family as a whole.

Name: Shruthi
Country: India
an excellent article!! it can boost a lady's self esteem. this article should be permanently displayed on the net. so that even (all daughters for that matter) my daughter when she grows up can come to this site, read this article and boost her self esteem and achieve something in life.

Name: Pradeep Sharma
Country: India
just another article which tends to put us men down in order to create equality for the women!!!!!!

Name: Indignant girl
Country: Other
i noticed you said that "men may score higher on iq tests", implying that men's average iq score is higher than women's. it is not. women have as high iqs as men. men often get top positions because they only have their career to worry about; women tend to sacrifice their career for their family. it doesn't mean that women are less intelligent than men.

Name: Pradeep
Country: India
just check this out! harvard university: 48% women 52% men indian institute of tech (iit) 90% men 10%women massachussets institute of technology(mit) 41% women 59% men

Name: VIkram
Country: USA
i just saw a sentence that stated that women have less ego problems. this is the funniest joke i have ever heard in my life!!!!!!!!!! one more thing, i just cannot stand you people putting us men down to create equality for the women!!!! "women are better than men at this at this at this" just shut up man!!!!!!!!

Name: RAJ
Country: India
brilliant piece of work...!!!!ourse women are just as intellignet as men, but stastically, more men have genius levels of iq than women. this is just a statistical fact, so dont get indignant, indignant girl. the average intelligent woman is just as intelligent as the average intelligent man. and pradeep these stats that you've quoted just go to show the disparity between women at top educational institutions in india, and women at top eduacational institutions abroad, thats why such an article is the most needed at an indian website.

Name: who cares
Country: India
you writers are so anti-male and boys. god knows what you people will do to your sons, brothers, and other male relatives!

Name: anonymous
Country: India
a very good article for boosting a girl's self esteem and lowering boys' and mens' self esteem. keep it up.

Name: observer
Country: India
well, a very nice piece of write up. most of the statements made in the article is justified by most of the readers comments. the article when seen as whole, brings out the positive points in women. that doesnt mean men score negative points in them. but our male readers ego seems to be hurt. so with the ego issue, its men who r hurt easily, than women. no one is "lowering" men and "upraising" women, its just stating one side of the facts to boost the morale of women. i guess men with real qualities understand this and dont make these "self defending" statements.

Name: Mneesh
Country: Canada
as a male i know the pigs that men are. especially indian men! don't look for men to make the difference, it is your responsibility as an indian women to make changes. trust me you have a long way to go. but dont become too westernized in the process. ez mneesh

Name: Nalani
Country: India
a very good article.if somebody is taking it as an effort to lower men's self esteem,its not correct.for years,girls have been deprived of what they deserve,its time to prove their capability,only these kind of article's can change the mentality of society as a whole.if few men can't digest it,they must think then,how painful it is for a girl hear all the time that she can't do this or that,especially when she can manage those tasks,eg- she manages home and office together,which hardly a man can !

Name: neha
Country: India
a very good article.those men who are writing statistics,to lower the women's status must understand that may be these girls,may be their mother or sister or any girl other child was not given proper education,they were not encouraged by the so called society,that is why the % is low.but the future would be of in case women speaks out -they must not be jealous

Name: Pradeep
Country: India
the best way to ensure female supremacy over males-subject your little sons and little boys in general to the male-hating feminist bullshit out there and have them grow into it! this way, they will not only respect women, but will also disrespect their own gender, will you be happy then????????????? ?????????

Name: Jagdish
Country: India
ok then, if a permanant gender war is what you women ask for, it is what you will get!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !

Name: Pradeep
Country: India
calling me uneducated? for your information, i am an alumni of the indian institute of technology (iit) bombay.

Name: raman
Country: India
an excellent article. this article does not say anything demeaning about men and in fact it just tries to open our eyes to the skills women have. they too can amek very good and dedicated employers and employees. thats all this article is trying to say. thumbs up to the author!

Name: coolest person
Country: USA
how could these people write these kinds of article with these many gramatical mistakes.tell them to correct it. well see ya if ya if you wanna be ya bye bye

Name: Coolest person again
Country: USA
what the heck is it. gonna have to deal with it.i mean comeon

Name: Bimbo
Country: nigeria
from my own perspective, i strongly believe woman can do more better than men,even the almighty creator made it known that who so ever find a wife obtain favour from the lord, meaning that where-ever women stay, civilization take place. to be more obvious, women are more knowledgeable than men in the sense that they think deeply before making decision. thats why in a society or a country whereby women rule, it is well save and grow momentrically. e.g elizabeth the president of england.

Name: Reshma
Country: united kingdom
wow! unbeliev'ble that men in india just cant appreciate anything good said about indian women, carry on female infanticides guys, improve the male % at harvard and iit and "please" be tolerant to increasing numbers of gays in the future and dont hesitate to join the bandwagon!!

Name: Tony S
Country: india
it is an absolutely wonderful article. and all those who r demeaning women out there are insecure about their own positions - at home and at work too. feel bad for u guys. three cheers to all the women of the world !!

Name: Manisha
Country: India
its really a very inspiring articles for all those young moms and das of a lovely daughter!

Name: Forced
Country: india
do we have to be doctors,lawers or engineers???????????????/ are thses the only professions that exist on earth ?????????????/ sad to say ..... we are missing out on globalisation

Name: crap
Country: latvia
but speaking of changes.

Name: noonh
Country: yemen
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Name: sdf
Country: guyana
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Name: wakh
Country: latvia
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Name: micr
Country: ukraine
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Name: ucm
Country: andorra
have a blog.

Name: sage
Country: romania
get the best info.

Name: wak
Country: liberia
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Name: oonho
Country: spain
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Name: cmk
Country: china
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Name: si
Country: seychelles
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Name: ofsu
Country: malawi
who is hiphop?

Name: que
Country: liberia
yes. very good site! worth to visit!

Name: bcs
Country: algeria
very good site with a lot of useful information

Name: uco
Country: seychelles
archy it i, and i like you!

Name: messa
Country: haiti
yes. very good site! worth to visit!

Name: ilod
Country: pakistan
very good website you have here.

Name: rade
Country: malta
thanks for taking a few of us.

Name: kane
Country: guatemala
very good site with a lot of useful information.

Name: kane
Country: poland
very good site with a lot of useful information.

Name: oome
Country: madagascar
this is a very informative site.

Name: xoome
Country: iran
i amglad to put my step on it.

Name: ren
Country: south
keep up this great resource.

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