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How to Stop Breastfeeding

babys-diet Breastfeeding
Weaning a child is not easy as the child may feel cranky. Weaning should be done gradually. This gradual reduction of feeds will also prevent engorged breasts thus reducing the discomfort to the mother. Weaning should not be done by compromising on the health of the baby.

Are there any considerations for weaning my baby

There are three things you should consider while weaning your child off breastfeeding: (a) your child's immunity (health); (b) managing your milk supply; and (c) emotional impact, if any, on the child.

Should my baby's health be a consideration for weaning

If your child is at high risk for eczema or asthma, you should plan to exclusively breastfeed your child until at least 6 months. If your child falls sick very easily, you may want to delay weaning your child off breast milk. Breast milk is nutritious, easily digested, and appetizing; your child may refuse other foods when he is sick but will probably be agreeable to having breast milk

Can I decide to stop breastfeeding cold turkey

If you decide you are going to stop breastfeeding your child all of a sudden one day (cold turkey), you may be inviting trouble.  Your breasts will continue to get filled with milk.  Since the baby will not be emptying them, they may get engorged and/or get infected, and lead to severe discomfort, at the very least.  The best way to manage your milk supply is gradually reduce your feeds.  You can do this by first dropping one feed at a time.  Then when you are on your last feed, you can reduce the duration of that feed gradually over a few days.  When you see your milk supply has almost dwindled, you can finally stop.  This is the best way to stop breastfeeding.

My child is not ready to give up breastfeeding

For many children, the longer they are breastfed, the more difficult it is for them to give it up, especially after they are a year old.  They like the protective feeling of being close to their mother, especially during the night feed.  Since breastfeeding for them is an emotional attachment, you should ensure that you gradually reduce your feeds.  They may cry a little at the time of the feed, but if you are there with them giving them all the love and affection they want, they will feel less insecure and upset.

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shashikala.1 year ago
My baby 13 months old I want to stop breast feeding now c bites so suggest how to stop
ritu.2 years ago
please suggest the way to switch breast feed to bottle feed.
ritu.2 years ago
please suggest me how to stop breast feed because my baby is now 1and half year old.he starts crying a lot and becoming cranky
Rohit.6 years ago
great information! my wife has really benefited by these articles.
ursula.6 years ago
i am trying to wean my son gradually, however it leads to him waking up at night to catch up. what can i do about that?
deesha parekh.6 years ago
i have a 2 yr old daughter and i still breast feed her. i want to stop it but my doc still recommends it. i am confused, pls waht to do ?
mary.6 years ago
hi deesha, i am breastfeeding my 4 month old girl,if you want to stop, you should, as i think you have done very well, to have gotten this far, well done.
JHIRMEILYA.6 years ago
my daughter will be 1years old this month (august) and i am trying to stop breast feeding her how do i stop
Vanessa.6 years ago
my son is 21 months and steel breasfeed only, i love to breastfeed him, the only hard thing is that he still wakes up 3 times at night. its been almost two years and i need some rest at night. please help
kelly.6 years ago
i am trying to wean my 1 1/2 year old from breast feeding. however, i am currently separated from my husband. i would like for him to stay at my house so i can sleep through the night while weaning my child. how important is it that the father is involved? other than helping me to get a good night sleep?
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