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You are here : home > Baby's Diet > Breastfeeding > How to Stop Breastfeeding

How to Stop Breastfeeding

Weaning a child is not easy as the child may feel cranky. Weaning should be done gradually. This gradual reduction of feeds will also prevent engorged breasts thus reducing the discomfort to the mother. Weaning should not be done by compromising on the health of the baby.

Are there any considerations for weaning my baby

There are three things you should consider while weaning your child off breastfeeding: (a) your child's immunity (health); (b) managing your milk supply; and (c) emotional impact, if any, on the child.

Should my baby's health be a consideration for weaning

If your child is at high risk for eczema or asthma, you should plan to exclusively breastfeed your child until at least 6 months. If your child falls sick very easily, you may want to delay weaning your child off breast milk. Breast milk is nutritious, easily digested, and appetizing; your child may refuse other foods when he is sick but will probably be agreeable to having breast milk

Can I decide to stop breastfeeding cold turkey

If you decide you are going to stop breastfeeding your child all of a sudden one day (cold turkey), you may be inviting trouble.  Your breasts will continue to get filled with milk.  Since the baby will not be emptying them, they may get engorged and/or get infected, and lead to severe discomfort, at the very least.  The best way to manage your milk supply is gradually reduce your feeds.  You can do this by first dropping one feed at a time.  Then when you are on your last feed, you can reduce the duration of that feed gradually over a few days.  When you see your milk supply has almost dwindled, you can finally stop.  This is the best way to stop breastfeeding.

My child is not ready to give up breastfeeding

For many children, the longer they are breastfed, the more difficult it is for them to give it up, especially after they are a year old.  They like the protective feeling of being close to their mother, especially during the night feed.  Since breastfeeding for them is an emotional attachment, you should ensure that you gradually reduce your feeds.  They may cry a little at the time of the feed, but if you are there with them giving them all the love and affection they want, they will feel less insecure and upset.

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Name: ritu
Country: India

please suggest the way to switch breast feed to bottle feed.
Name: ritu
Country: India

please suggest me how to stop breast feed because my baby is now 1and half year old.he starts crying a lot and becoming cranky
Name: saya
Country: United Kingdom

hello to all you ladies out there, oh yes i am still breastfeeding my 1yr old son. only at night times he wakes up 3-4 times for a feed. or should i say he just wants to be lached on, not all the time his drinking, its his comfort. help i want to stop.
Name: Catherine
Country: Canada

i have a 2 year old little girl and i've been trying to put her on a bottle for abit over a year but i've never been sucessful.. any tips?
Country: India

my son is 1 1/2 years old and breast feed him only during night time. he is ready to take bottle milk during day time but at night he wont. please tell me how to stop during night time....
Name: Anjana
Country: India

i dont find any good comments or useful information. no one has given idea to stop bf
Name: Brandi
Country: U.S.A.

my son is 5 months old and i just stopped breastfeeding a couple weeks ago withou any problems. when he was only a couple weeks old i would have my husband give him a bottle of formula a night before bed while i pumped to keep up my supply. so he was used to both the bottle and having formula. i was sooo glad that i had done that.
Name: Sririk
Country: Malaysia

my second son going to 9 month old i would like to stop breast feeding. i also working mother now he only take breast milk during bed time and whole night only. he sometimes only taken formula milk but very seldom. during day time he with baby sister and taking solit food only. i'm worries that he not enouht nutrision. i need advise how to stop breast feeding.
Name: Erika
Country: U.S.A.

hello i have a 2 year old and i am still breast feeding i don't know what to do no more i try little by little know i only give her in the night but know i can sleep because she wants to be attach all night i start to tell her how old she was and she tells me two so i tell her no more she cry so i try to make her think about some thing like read a book or play with her so that does it for the day but i don't know what to do in the night so if any body knows some thing please let me know thanks
Name: merav
Country: U.S.A.

hello all,tomorrow my 9 mon starting go to day care,i dont know what to do,how to stop brest feed,she dont like any formula or bottel,i am willy worry,h e l p.tu
Name: beth
Country: U.S.A.

my son is 16 months old and i have breastfeed him since day one. but now i have to stop because he has tooth decay, even though i brushed his teeth 3 times a day. what i've been told is breastfeeding at night is bad. i thought i was doing what was best for my son but now im not so sure. just take good care of your babies teeth.
Name: Maisie
Country: United Kingdom

hi 2 all you fellow breasfeeders. my daughter is now 9 months and i've began to think about when the right time would be to stop breastfeeding. the thing is, i really enjoy the exclusive bond that i have with her and will miss it dreadfully when i eventually do stop. any advice on how to break myself away would be much appreciated as i think that i will be more upset than the baby when breastfeeding for us comes to an end! and 4 all you weird and negative people, women have breasts 4 a reason. we were born with them to feed our young with, we invented bottles imbesilles
Country: U.S.A.

i have an 11 month old who will be a year in about 2 weeks. i want to start weening her off by one year. i have been breast feeding her 3 times a day and sometimes before bed. my milk supply has seemed to decrease also or maybe im just paranoyed. has anyone on her started there kids on cows milk at one year??
Name: katie
Country: U.S.A.

my daughter is 10 months old. i breast fed since day one with no regrets. i feed her before both naps and before she goes to bed. she just barely started sleeping through the whole night. i can't decide when to start weaning. any advice...
Name: carolina
Country: U.S.A.

to yaya fron luxenburg = your the one that's crazy and if u don't know wat your talking about don't talk at all breastmilk is the best thing in the world for babies and in some country's they feed until the kids are 5 yrs old!
Name: lucy
Country: U.S.A.

i've been considering weaning my 4 months old baby, but i feel very guilty because it's too early. it is very hard for me; i am a single mother and a full time student. my baby wakes me up every two hours throught the night. i also want to start losing weight and breastfeeding makes me very hungry. i need help! what should i do?
Name: yolanda
Country: U.S.A.

i have weaned my daughter now for 5 days. the only problem is the engorgement. i wear cabbage leaves all day&night in my bra. the pressure seems to build late night and through the morning. what i found that worked was to take a very warm bath and to stay in long enough for the breast milk to slowly drip out from both breasts. wish me luck i leave for 6days and hoping to be dried up by then. also ibuprofen helps with inflammation and pain. aloha!
Name: stephannie
Country: U.S.A.

i have a 10 month old daughter she sleeps with me and breastfeeds all night i have stoped feeding through the day but cant through the night i tried to put her in her own bed but she screamed and cried for two hours and she wanted nothing to do with the bottel but she has no problem with it during the day im lost in what to do with her and it is starting to be very hard on me any tips from any one would really help
Name: Mandy
Country: U.S.A.

thank you all, this make me feel much better. i know there are so many mom a going though the same problem as me. my son just turn 1 year this month, i start wean him yesterday. i stop feed him for two meal and of course night he still need it. i will take all advise from you all. thanks a lot and good luck for all the mom.
Name: bonny
Country: India

i have 9mths old son i am still breast feed him.he doesnt sleep with out breast feed. i have to feed him whole night. in day also if i feed only then he go to sleep. what can i do about it?
Name: bonny
Country: India

i have 9mths old son i am still breast feed him.he doesnt sleep with out breast feed. i have to feed him whole night. in day also if i feed only then he go to sleep
Name: Meetu
Country: India

i have a 14 month old baby and i need to wean her.. what should i do ??? pleae advise how to stop her night feeds
Name: nicole
Country: U.S.A.

i have to stop breastdeeding and having alot of trouble, my breast hurt so bad and are very engorged, i'm packed full of cabbage leaves and it's not helping. anyone have any tricks to help me out? (please)
Name: Judith
Country: Nigeria

i was sooo haaapppy to read all your views because my baby is a serious marathon feeder at night. i dnt get enough sleep with all the feeding and i want to stop - she is 16 months old. her seniors i stopped by sending them away for a week; in her case there's nowhere to send her to. however, i've gotten some valuable tips from your comments and i'll keep you posted on how they work out. for you mothers who have made sacrifices to breastfeed your babies for at least 12 months, god bless you!
Name: Nina
Country: Malaysia

doc asked me to stop breastfeeding my 18months's very hard for me to do..i got breast infection since the baby biting my nipple!

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