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Hair Loss: Causes and Treatments
There are various reasons for hair loss and damage. Know some common causes of hair loss and ways to prevent them.

Everyone has to cope with hair loss at some point in their lives. However, the reasons for hair loss in each case are different. Hair loss is caused even when some people take a lot of care of their hair. This hair fall problem occurs as people are not able to find the exact cause triggering it. There are several reasons for hair loss and damage; here are some of the common reasons.

1. Diet

Diet plays an important role in all health concerns including hair loss. Not having a balanced diet is one of the main causes of hair fall. Hair loss can also be caused due to certain diet plans followed for losing weight. Thus your diet should provide nutritive value to your body for getting healthy and strong hair.

2. Hair Products

Certain hair products may not suit your hair. It can be a shampoo, conditioner, gel or any other product for hair. This is because certain chemicals in these products may not suit your scalp skin. Such chemicals may also cause excessive hair loss and harm your skin. In this case, you can always depend on herbal products for your hair.

3. Pollution

An increase in pollution day-by-day is causing major health problems. Pollution makes hair dull and frizzy causing hair loss. Exposure to sunlight for a long time can also cause hair loss. To cope with this problem you should always cover your hair with a scarf, hat or cap. Avoid leaving your hair open while traveling if you have long hair. This will help you to keep your hair away from pollution.

4. Improper Hair Care

Hair fall can also be caused due not taking proper care of hair. You should always wash your hair regularly using a natural shampoo and conditioner. Oiling hair is the most important part of the hair care regime. Besides this, you should avoid combing wet hair and try to dry your hair naturally. You should use a wide-toothed comb and avoid tying hair very tightly.

5. Ageing Process

Hair loss due to the aging process is the most common cause for everyone. You should adopt various techniques like yoga and meditation which slows down the biological aging process. Drinking at least 1.5 litters of water a day is very essential to reduce the aging process.

6. Imbalance in Hormones

There are several reasons due to which hormonal imbalances are caused bythe human body. In the case of women, hair loss is caused after three to six months of delivering a baby. This is a result of post-pregnancy hormonal changes. It is also caused due to imbalances in the thyroid gland. This can be corrected by the proper treatment of thyroid diseases. Imbalance in hormones is also caused due to menopause. It can also result due to the imbalance in the hormones known as estrogen and androgens in women.

7. Medication and Drugs

Certain medications and drugs may not suit your body and can affect your hair. Some medicines cause side-effects like hair fall. When you see such side-effects you should immediately consult your physician and replace the medicine.

8. Diseases and Sickness

Diseases and sickness make your body weak causing hair loss. Skin diseases like eczema and dermatitis can also cause hair to fall. Other diseases like diabetes and lupus are also factors contributing to hair fall.

9. Beauty Treatment

Illustrious beauty treatments like hair colouring, hair straightening, hair styling can cause hair loss. Hair colouring involves harmful chemicals that make hair weak causing hair fall. Excessive hair straightening damages the roots of hair due to pulling. The other hair treatments like perming, curling and frequent blow drying can be harmful to hair.

10. Excessive Stress

Stress is one of the important factors contributing to hair loss. Workload and other personal problems can cause stress. To cope with the stress you should have proper sleep. Eight hours of sleep are necessary to lead a healthy life. You should also use stress management techniques like meditation and yoga.

11. Family History

Hair loss can also be heredity. It can be inherited from one generation to the other. For example, if the father and grandfather have coped with baldness due to aging, the chances of son coping with the same problem are higher. The same is the case with the mother and her daughter. If the mother and grandmother are coping with the problem of hair loss the chances of a daughter coping with a similar problem are higher. This kind of hair loss problem is also known as male-pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. To prevent such problems, it is necessary to take the right care of diet and health.

12. Vitamin Supplements

Sometimes vitamin supplements may not suit some individuals. It may showup as hair loss. So, when such side-effects are observed, it is necessary to consult a doctor to check if such supplements are causing any side-effects resulting in the problem of hair loss.

Treatments for Hair Loss

Take a quick look at various treatment options that you can consider for dealing with the problems of hair loss.

Home Remedies

There are a lot of home remedies that can be followed to deal with the problems of hair loss. Some of them are listed below.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds can play an important role in dealing with the problem of hair loss. All you need to do is apply the paste of fenugreek seeds on your scalp thoroughly. Let it stay for at least an hour and then you can wash it off. You can do this every day for one month. It can strengthen your hair follicles thereby helping you to deal with the problem of hair loss.

Oil Massage

Massage scalp at least twice a week with good hair oil. As far as the problem of hair loss is concerned, coconut oil is considered one of the best oils. Other than coconut oil, you can opt for almond oil, Brahmi oil, Bringrajoil, etc.

Onion Juice Remedy

Onion juice remedy has been proved very useful in dealing with a problem like hair loss. All you need to do is apply onion juice or paste to your scalp. You can continue to do it every day for two weeks to get immediate results. You can also include this remedy in your hair care regimen by using it at least once a week, fortnight or month. If you experience any kind of itching or redness, you must wash your hair immediately and stop using the remedy. To know if you are allergic to this remedy you can do a patch test before trying it. This remedy is known to enrich the scalp with extra sulphur promoting thick and strong hair growth.

Curry Leaves Remedy

Curry leaves are a great source of protein, amino acids, and antioxidants that can help to promote hair growth and strengthen hair. Heat coconut oil on low flame and put curry leaves in it. You will see the colour of the oil changing. Let the concoction settle down. To get better results you can massage your head with oil when it is a little warm. Make sure that you do not burn your finger. You can use this remedy at least twice a week to cope with the hair fall problem.

Drink Plenty of Water

To deal with the hair loss problem, you must drink plenty of water. Keeping yourself hydrated will help you to keep your body healthy thereby helping you to deal with the hair loss problem. To increase your water intake, you can ideally start drinking water on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Take Care of Your Diet

Increase your protein intake. Make sure that your diet is rich in all the essential nutrients and vitamins that promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. The foods that can provide you with such nutrients include foods like eggs, berries, spinach, fish, nuts, beans, oysters, shrimps, soybeans, etc.

Medical Treatments for Hair Loss

If your hair loss problem becomes severe, you must consult a doctor. In the initial stage of treatment, your doctor may advise you to make lifestyle changes and prescribe some vitamin supplements to you. If the problem does not get resolved with basic treatment, your doctor may ask you to seek advice from a certified expert who can help you to deal with this issue.

As you know all the reasons for hair fall now, you can figure out what triggers hair fall. However, there can be various other factors causing hair fall. Hair fall can also be a part of symptoms of a certain disease or just a fear. You should always consult an expert before taking action for preventing hair fall. But you can always try natural remedies for it. To have healthy hair all you need is a healthy body and proper hair care regime.

What are the common reasons for hair fall? How do you prevent hair fall? How do you cope with excessive hair fall? To share your experiences, views, and tips, click here.

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Name: Subhashree
City:   Mumbai
Comments:   I adopted a diet plan which caused excessive hair fall. My physician suggested not continuing with the diet plan as it was also causing health hazards. My physician told me that it was because of not providing enough of nutrition the body. It was really difficult to stop hair fall, I was scared that I might go bald. I will never adopt any diet plan in future. I was so tensed about my hair growth. I just started applying lots of oil and taking proper care of my hair. I have stopped using chemical based products on my hair. Now I only use herbal and natural products.
Name: Sandeep
City:   Hyderabad
Comments:   I have noticed that hair oil can also cause hair fall. I tried Navratan oil but it did not suit my hair. My hair started falling and growing dull and weak after applying oil. Now I only use pure coconut oil and nothing else. I do not trust any other branded oil too. It can cause danger to the skin also. I consulted expert regarding this problem he told me that it is always good to use natural and herbal products for hair and skin too. I was shocked to see excessive hair fall after using that oil. At that time I was in a good health and was not under any medication the only reason for the hair fall was hair oil.
Name: Karuna
City:   U.A.E
Comments:   Herbal products make hair healthy and strong. The natural herbs protect hair from pollution and help to avoid hair loss. Natural conditioners like Amla, Bhringaraj, Henna, and Ritha are useful to make hair silky and soft. Hair loss is only caused due to harmful chemicals in shampoos and conditioners. It also depends on health of a person. Balanced diet is vital for healthy and beautiful hair. Beautiful hair is essential aspect of beauty so it is essential to protect it. I believe that natural products are the best products. There is no other substitute for natural products.
Name: deenadayalanM
City:   vellore
Comments:   i am deena from hair is continiously falling daily on bathing i am 28 years old,i want remedy.
Name: deenadayalanM
City:   vellore
Comments:   i am deena from hair is continiously falling daily on bathing i am 28 years old,i want remedy.
Name: noonu
City:   vadakara
Comments:   my hair is falling for past 1 year.i take bath regularly and apply oil daily
Name: sumita
City:   malaysia
Comments:   iam 17 years old .my hair is falling seriously after staringhten the there any food or other method to control the hair falling?
City:   india
Comments:   i am 21 year .my hair is continiously falling what shouldi do tell me
City:   PUNE
Comments:   I use Dove shampoo, & do not apply any oil before or after shampooing. Since last few days i tried using hair drier, i think since then the fall of hair is a major problem. Does anybody know if using hair drier is harmful for hair?
Name: Anu
City:   India
Comments:   I´m 27 yrs old and I have Polycistic ovaries and my testrone level is high becoz of which i have a heavy hair fall and my hair is become almost bald..can anyone suggest me what is the right thing to stop my hair from becoming bald. PLs help me out..this hairfall is really making me very depressed
Name: sushma
City:   India
Comments:   my hair is falling day by day.Please do needful.
Name: abhisher
City:   amritsar
Comments:   hair thinning and falling
Name: poornima
City:   chennai
Comments:   how to reduce hair fall?how 2 grow it?
Name: Harsh
City:   indore
Comments:   i am 24 male, when i relocate from my home town to indore for Job purpose , i am in indoe since last 11 months and i am facing hair falling problem. please advise me or help me to choose the docor or find out the main cause of the same.
Name: juliet heliane
Comments:   i AM 32yrs old, i suffered hair falling 2yrs ago until now.I´ve always change my shampoo from time to time to find out wc is good for me but its not working. please advice me what to do.
Name: juliet heliane
Comments:   i AM 32yrs old, i suffered hair falling 2yrs ago until now.I´ve always change my shampoo from time to time to find out wc is good for me but its not working. please advice me what to do.
Name: sanjana
City:   delhi
Comments:   i am 28yrs old. i suffered hair falling 4yrs ago.
Name: malathi
City:   IndiaChennai
Comments:   When i was in 20years old my hair was so long and thick(5ft). After getting married and kids, now my hair was too short and it becomes bald. Iam working woman. this hair falling me very irritating. Please tell me the solutions
Name: Geetha
City:   Trichy
Comments:   I have a severe hair loss in recent times. Suggest me some home made remedy
City:   chennai
Comments:   I have a severe hair fall .I used many oils & shampoo but no one gave me a good please tell me the solutionm of hair fall.

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