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Are You and Your Baby Bored?

'So your baby is a year old now. Great! Isn't he cute'? 'Yeah! Sure he is, when he is sleeping, other wise he is quite a handful'. Now that answer rings a bell. Doesn't it? Because all babies are same. Keeping them busy so that they don't get on your nerves and tear your as well as their own hair out is a task that is quite daunting. After all how many ideas can one think of to keep pace with their changing moods and needs. Read on, as following activities might just be what you wanted to know-

12-18 months---

  1. Try holding your baby's doll upside down. What is her reaction?
  2. Put a toy on one end of the sofa. Let your child retrieve it.
  3. Put pillows or beanbag chairs in the corner of the room to give your baby some climbing experience.
  4. Let your baby play with a box with a top. He would enjoy the challenge of taking it off and putting it back on.
  5. Dropping game- Make a hole in the lid of an ice-cream container big enough for a rubber ball. Your baby would enjoy hearing the ball drop and working to get it out.
  6. When your baby has both hands full give her a third object. Watch to see how she tries to solve the problem of having only two hands.
  7. Tie a rope to a stuffed animal. Your baby will enjoy watching it swing and trying to catch it.
  8. Show your baby how to fit clothespin around the edge of a container.
  9. Let the child turn the lights on and off.
  10. Tie a ribbon to a favorite toy and hide it. Your baby will learn to find the toy by pulling at the string.
  11. Put a toy on a shelf just high enough for the baby to reach up and get it.
  12. Water play is most exciting when your baby has a variety of containers to empty and fill.
  13. Babies enjoy imitating a drumbeat.
  14. Let your baby have a turn at talking on the real phone.
  15. Talk through a tube. Your baby will enjoy hearing how your voice sounds.
  16. A game of peek-a-boo is fun at any age. 
  17. Lift your baby
  18. Show your baby his/her photograph
  19. Let him touch things that are high and are normally out of his reach.
  20. Put your watch next to the baby's ear and see if she imitates the ticking sound.
  21. Photographs, especially of people they recognize fascinate children. Your baby will enjoy a turn looking at the family album. 
  22. Keep your baby's toys in several baskets. He would learn to fill as well as empty it.
  23. Place a squeaky toy under the rug. While your baby is not watching step on it. See if your baby looks for it.
  24. Let your baby wear an apron with pockets. He will enjoy hiding his toys.
  25. A soft bolster makes a good rolling toy.
  26. Make a long pull toy out of empty containers.
  27. See if your baby can fit a small can inside a larger one.
  28. Decorate some cans and let her stack them up.
  29. Give him a wet sponge. Let him wipe the floor.
  30. Make balls out of a crushed paper for safe play.
  31. Make a simple inset puzzle.
  32. Screwing a lid on a bottle is easier if someone holds the bottle.
  33. Make a hill for him to roll his car down.
  34. Let your child put a long necklace into a small-mouthed jug.
  35. Invite your baby's doll to lunch.
  36. Let your child water the plants.
  37. If your baby resists having her hair brushed give her a chance to brush her doll's hair.
  38. While playing with trucks and trains, show him pictures of real trucks and trains.
  39. Put an ankle bracelet with bells on your child's feet. She would love to run about just to hear the jingle.
  40. Make a simple finger puppet for him to play with.

18-24 months--
  1. Putting a pen inside a holder is an interesting challenge.
  2. Hide a toy in a box. Put the box inside another box.
  3. Give your child tubes of different sizes. He can experiment and fit.
  4. Play a game of hide and seek with toys.
  5. Let your child turn on a flashlight.
  6. Let him fill a dump truck with sand.
  7. Let a cardboard tray and let him carry around some spoons and empty cups.
  8. Give her strong plastic cutlery to party with her dolls.
  9. Give a name to all his stuffed toys and dolls.
  10. Keep books within reach. This is an age when your child might want to read himself.
  11. Wrap a toy in a piece of foil and let him unwrap.
  12. Pack up his lunch and go out to the garden or terrace for a picnic lunch.
  13. Go through the family album with your baby. It will help him understand about growing up.
  14. Show your baby a mirror when she is wearing swimming goggles.
  15. In warm weather let her play with a water spigot outside.
  16. Designate and get your child used to a comfortable book and a comfortable corner for reading.
  17. Tape his conversation and let him hear it.
  18. Let him do finger painting with some shaving cream on a mat.
  19. Save your old camera. It makes a fine toy.
  20. Bedtime would be less of a trouble if you let your child help you get his dog or a doll ready for bed.
  21. Let the child put toothpaste on her toothbrush.
  22. Cut footprints out of linoleum square. Your youngster would use them as stepping-stones.
  23. Show the baby how to use a book as a platform.
  24. A tire swing is both safe as well as fun.
  25. Blocks with pictures and letters are interesting.
  26. Let your child choose his/her own clothes to wear while dressing. Tantrums would be minimized.
  27. Draw pictures of small toys or objects—cars, animals, keys, toothbrush etc on cards. Let your youngster place the matching object on the card.
  28. Place a small toy in the toe of a sock. Taking it out is an interesting challenge.
  29. Name pictures as your baby points. Then give him/her a turn to name.
  30. Make a two-way telephone with two pieces of wood and a strip of hose.
  31. Make a puppet talk to your baby.
  32. Save your old necklaces. Your baby will put them to use.
  33. On a ride with your child, point out things that might interest him/her.
  34. Never throw broken toys. They'll still interest your child.
  35. Teach him/her how to put the cells in the battery-operated toys.
  36. Get your child handy toys like the gardening set, the mechano set, as these will encourage him to use his imagination.
  37. Designate one drawer only for him to put his knick-knacks in.

Now all you have to do is choose what you want to do and your youngster will follow suit. Now that's to your liking I am sure. Here's wishing you lots of fun filled and satisfying playing hours.
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