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Great Home Ideas

Turn your bedroom into a haven, give your kitchen a new look or add a touch of class to your walls.

Whether you want to turn your bedroom into a haven, give your kitchen a new look or simply add a touch of class to your walls, you've come to the right place. You don't have to completely overhaul your home; taking care of a few details can make a world of difference.


Few things feel as heavenly as lying down on your bed at night and looking up to see the stars in the sky. Many of us have seen sunroofs in living areas or in verandahs in a home, but how many of us have seen a sunroof in a bedroom, over the bed? So if you happen to live on the top floor of a building, or in a bungalow, invest in a sunroof. You will find that as you grow older, few things will provide you with as much pleasure as the sunroof will.

It will provide you will warm sunshine in the winter, and you can always draw the shades to shield out the hot summer sun. Yes, remember that as this particular sunroof is not in the verandah, you will need to provide for shades or blinds, since the last thing you need is the sun pouring on your face the first thing every morning when you just want to sink under the covers and go back to sleep.

As the string of these blinds needs to hang down pretty low, possibly over your bed so you can reach it when sitting on your bed, make sure you have a nice detail worked into the end of the string.


Who wouldn't like to give their kitchen a whole new look without spending thousands of rupees? One quick, easy and inexpensive way to go about this is to simply tile the counter tops. If you don't want to tile the entire length, even tiling a certain portion will make a difference and can brighten up your kitchen. If you are tiling a small portion, it makes sense to use cheerful colours. Consider oranges and yellows. You could also add an elegant tile border around the counters to give your kitchen an affordable, designer touch.


Do you have a whole lot of pictures, photographs or paintings that you want to hang on a wall, but are unsure of how to go about it? Instead of hanging the pictures at random, here's what you may want to do:

Place your paintings on the wall so they fall roughly in a square. Take a measuring tape and measure out the square. You will need to measure it from the floor upwards to make sure it is proportionate.

Then, take some cellotape and paste it so as to have a border of your square. It is easier to paste cellotape, which you can simply peel off, than it is to draw a border with your pencil. Erasing it will not be that easy.
Now, place the paintings so they all fall within the borders of the square. The ends of the paintings should sit perfectly on the square border.

Once you have your placement worked out, start working on the nails in the wall. You may want to have two hooks to hold up each painting, even if the painting is small, because smaller paintings tend to rock sideways more often than larger ones do.

Remember, it is more important to focus on the entire effect of the square, than it is to focus on the distance of each painting from each other. It doesn't matter if one painting is five inches away from another and two inches away from a third. What matters is that each painting is perfectly placed within the square.

When this is done, simply peel off the cellotape, and you're all set!

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