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Beauty and Health

What is beauty?

Beauty is not just a pretty face. It is confidence, grace and poise. Vitality as well as serenity. It is something that you can find in the sparkle of a beautiful, happy smile or even healthy eyes. It is the radiance of a glowing skin that comes from good health. As it is often said, 'health is wealth'. Yes, it certainly is. Health is the true wealth of a beautiful woman. But of course you already knew that. The question is, what are you doing about it?

It is all in the attitude

Believe me, beauty has no real age limits. You can find beauty in a newly born wrinkled skin, just as you can in an extremely old one. But before you start the aging process, a few precautions would take you a long way in every sense of the term. You do not need to grow into a melancholy old person. Happy, sparkling personalities are definitely more attractive and fun to be around. So many 40-year-old moms look better than their 20-year-old daughters. There are quite a few, believe me. I even know of a pair who were mistaken for sisters. So much for age catching up with you.

So stop for a moment and take a deep look at your attitude of mind. Are you optimistic or are you pessimistic? Do you feel alive to the world around? To that vital energy that is the source of all life? Are you rigid or flexible and open to knew, fresh ideas that are your opportunities to success? In short, are you young at heart? This is really important, because believe me, boredom shows. A lack of enthusiasm will show in your eyes and in the droop of your mouth.  And finally in your health. So get interested in life and the things that are happening around you. It will make you mentally healthy and physically fit as well as attractive.

Your next step &mdash exercise

This does not mean that you have to go to the gym and do push ups or weights. If you do, that is good for you. But if you do not, then start on some simple routine, like walking, dancing, jogging, cycling, swimming or any game that you enjoy. The key word here is enjoyment. Your enthusiasm will show, especially when your self-esteem rises along with that glowing skin and firmer figure. Not to forget, your good health.

You are what you eat

No, this is not a joke. If you gorge on cakes or gulab jamuns, you will soon look like one. Besides if you do not watch your waist, no one else will. So aim for a balanced diet. One that contains proteins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins, all in the right proportion. Any dietician or doctor would be able to guide you. Do not take vitamin supplements without your doctor's advise or it could prove to be harmful. In any case a good, healthy diet eliminates the need for supplements.

Are you a 'feel good' person as opposed to a 'feel tired' person?

Fatigue is one of beauties greatest enemies. That does not mean that you should rest all day. There are basically two kinds of fatigue. The first is the healthy one that you get after a good bout of exercise. This one makes you feel good. And the second one is the result of boredom and a lack of exercise, the onset of a physical illness or depression, which leads to further health problems.

So if you suffer from the second kind of fatigue, you should get yourself checked up by a good doctor. Maybe you are simply anaemic. This is a common problem with women who have a heavy menstrual flow. Next, you must check your ideal weight and then try to achieve it. It is not easy carrying excess baggage around. Fatigue could even be a result of bad working conditions. So make sure you get plenty of fresh air and adequate rest. And make sure you put in your 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Very often beauty problems are actually underlying medical ones, so it is far better to check with a doctor than a beauty consultant. A bad spell can create havoc with your hair, teeth and of course your skin. So the right people to consult after a general practitioner would be a skin specialist, dentist or a trichologist. First get your physical problems corrected and form a daily health regimen. Then go to the beauty parlour for a nice treat.

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