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Baby Blues

Does your baby have a cold? A watery discharge from his nose is the first sign. Here's how to ease the discomfort and help your baby recover.

If your baby has a cold, chances are, you may not notice it until it worsens. After all, you're not going to seem him crawling around, blowing his nose in a tissue! However, if you are vigilant, you will notice 'water' trickling down his nose although he is not be crying.

Suction bulb

Purchase a suction bulb from your local chemist. Not all chemists stock this though, so it makes sense if you place an order early on instead of trying to get it at the last minute. These bulbs are very convenient as they suck out everything from your baby's nose. Not only will your baby swallow less phlegm as a result, but he will be more comfortable. In addition, you will not need to keep wiping your baby's nose with a tissue. This hurts your baby's sensitive flesh, and your baby's nose will soon start burning if you keep wiping it. Use a very soft tissue when required.


Babies cannot blow their noses, and as a result, they tend to swallow all the mucus. The body has its own way of getting rid of this by throwing up, so don't be alarmed if you see an increase in your baby's vomiting at this time.


Keep him warm and bundled up. Make sure he is well clad, and his chest is protected. He could wear a sleeveless sweater if you think it's too warm for a full sleeve sweater.

Dry air

Keep your baby out of air conditioning. Air from an air conditioner can really irrirate your baby's sensitive nostrils. Similarly, central heating could dry out his nose, causing further irritation. Keep a humidifier in your baby's room if you want to turn on the heating.


Keep a close watch for signs of a fever. If you are leaving him with a relative or baby sitter, make sure she is made aware that he has a cold and she has to keep checking his temperature. Always, always leave medication to bring down a fever with the babysitter so if your baby develops a fever at any time, she can act immediately. Remember, a baby's temperature shoots up very quickly.


Prop the upper half of his body on your pillow so he is raised when sleeping. This will help him breathe easier. Make sure you are in the room and awake when you do this, to prevent him from suffocating under the pillow. Remember, it is difficult for him to breathe these days, so you need to be extra vigilant when your baby is using blankets or pillows. He could even sleep in his car seat. Ask your doctor to prescribe non-medicated saline drops to open up your baby's blocked nose.


If you don't have a steamer, turn on the shower in your bathroom, close all doors and windows, and when the room is filled with steam, enter with your baby. Stay in for around ten to fifteen minutes. Inhaling steam will help ease congestion and clear your baby's blocked nose. Make sure you keep a sheet outside the bathroom, so as soon as you come out, you can wrap him up in the sheet to prevent sudden exposure to cold air.

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