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What About Yoga?


Your grades are slipping. Generation gap doesn't even begin to describe the problems you're having with your parents. You don't have a love life to speak of. You're always short of money, but your parents say you spend too much.  Your hair's not right, your clothes are all wrong. Your face looks like a pimple factory. You're too fat. You're too thin. Are you stressed out or what?

Is it cool?

Fighting with your parents and siblings, whining about your problems, banging your head on a wall-is no solution. Have you ever considered yoga? You're probably wondering how deep breathing and twisting your body into impossible positions is going to affect your grades or your lack of a love life. Also, you're probably thinking that yoga's not cool. What will your friends say? But just keep in mind that Sting is a yoga enthusiast and see where he is. The fact is that the West is being drawn more and more towards the ways of the East. Why should we wait for an outsider to endorse what is inherently ours before we think that it's cool? 

What's good about it?

The only thing you need is self-discipline, a good teacher, the time and the inclination. That means you don't have to dip into your pocket to pay expensive fees for gyms and aerobic classes. Also, you may not know it, but it begins to take immediate effect though you may only realize the benefits slowly. In addition, it's not about competition or reaching a particular level of proficiency. Anyone can do it irrespective of age, sex, and size. You don't need to have a special talent or exceptional intelligence and no one is going to judge your proficiency. So there's no stress about achievement. 

The actual benefits

Yoga helps you both physically and mentally. If you follow a regular yoga routine you will find that you have greater vitality, better posture, improved circulation, respiration and digestion, bright eyes, glowing skin and good muscle tone. What more could you ask for?

But there's more. You'll also find that you're calmer and more peaceful. You won't fly off the handle so easily. You'll feel more confident and have a more positive approach to life in general. You won't find academics such a drag, as your concentration will improve.

Don't set goals

As mentioned earlier, yoga is not about competition and reaching goals. It's not about losing 3 kilos in 2 weeks or being more flexible and fitter than your friend. Everyone's mind and body responds to yoga at its own pace. By setting unrealistic goals and having unreasonable expectations you're defeating the point of doing yoga. Don't apply materialistic rules to a spiritual exercise. If you're content, you're doing the right thing.

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