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A Guide to Buying Shoes

How do you buy new shoes? Do you go for looks or comfort? Here are a few things to consider before you make your purchase.

Rachna considers herself a total shoe fanatic. She already owns twenty pairs of shoes but does not feel that is enough for her. She buys at least four new pairs every year. Purchases are usually made based on style and what the current fashion trend is. However, Rachna is never really satisfied with her purchases. She always feels as if something is missing.

Women love shopping, especially for shoes. While buying a pair of shoes is not rocket science, it is not always the easiest of tasks either. Buying shoes should be a well thought out decision, taking into account, the pros and cons. Here are some tips to help you make your decision.

Choose a Sensible Pair

When it comes to buying a pair of shoes, ideally, you should choose comfort over style. Firstly, determine for what occasion you are buying the shoes. Narrow stiletto heels provide virtually no support to your legs and are not the ideal choice for a full day of chasing behind your active toddler. Stilettos should be restricted to a fancy dinner or a formal party, where you do not have to spend much time standing. For regular wear, choose light and comfortable shoes. If you simply must wear heels, opt for a wide-heeled pair with a maximum heel height of two inches. Platform heels are another option since the heel is evenly distributed over the entire sole of the shoe.

Know Your Shoe Size

This might sound a little foolish but many people do not know their actual shoe size. As a child, you probably had your feet measured every time you went to the shoe store. However, when you grow older, you assume that your shoe size remains constant. This is not so. Your feet tend to become longer and wider as you age. Therefore, it is a good idea to check your shoe size, at least every two years.

Go for Size and Fit

While size plays an important role in selecting your shoes, it is not the only criteria. How the shoe fits your foot is another factor to consider. The actual size of the shoe varies between different manufacturers. It also changes depending on the style. If a shoe catches your eye, try it on and see how it fits your foot. In general, dress shoes usually require a larger size than other shoe styles, especially if they have pointed toes.

Width plays another part in selecting shoes. Always buy shoes that are wider than your foot. Stand next to the shoe you have selected, and check if it is wider than the broadest part of your foot. No matter how good the shoe looks, it is not worth buying if it is too narrow.

Try Both Shoes

This is another obvious tip that tends to be neglected. For most people, one foot is slightly larger than the other one. In this case, buy shoes depending on how well they fit the larger foot. Once you have selected a pair, try both shoes on to see how they fit. Also, walk around a bit in them. A well fitting shoe will have a minimum of a finger's width between the longest toe and the end of the shoe.

Shop at an Appropriate Time

The best time to buy shoes is either late in the afternoon or early in the evening. This is because feet tend to swell during the day and are at their largest during late afternoon. A shoe that feels just right in the morning could become a little too tight during the afternoon. This is especially important when buying shoes that you are going to wear throughout the day.

Your feet have to support the entire weight of your body. They also walk thousands of kilometres throughout your lifetime. If you want your feet to be happy, do not let only fashion trends dictate your shoe buying habits.

How often do you buy shoes for yourself? What criteria do you look at when buying a pair of shoes? Are your selections practical or trendy? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.

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