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Karkat (Cancer) The Crab

Know interesting facts about Karkat rashi according to Hindu Rashichakra. Karkat rashi is the fourth rashi as per Hindu Rashichakra and is known as Cancer in Latin. Know more about the lucky numbers, lucky colour and famous celebrities under Karkat rashi right here.

The hard outer shell that protects the crab acts for a similar purpose for the Karkat jataka as well. The external hardness is their defense that is confined to just the outer shell. The individual is otherwise extremely sensitive from within. Their sensitivity can cause them to hold their feelings and not come out with their emotions. Crabs have clinching claws that they actually indicate the manner in which the Karkat is prone to holding on to things that are often related to their past.

Signs of people who are born under the Karkat rashi

Nurture and Loyalty comes Naturally

The biggest strength of a Cancerian is his/her ability to nurture. These individuals are passionately loyal and they just cannot let go easily. They are also very prompt and eager to bring their loved ones under the proverbial protection of their outer shell. They can protect with all their might and bears all the difficulties willingly, just to ensure the comfort of the people who seek their shelter or help.

The love of the Karkat is of a protective nature. Anything that concerns the security of the Karkat's home or family, the reactions can be overt. If the anger resulting from the inability to do something effective builds up for a long time, there can be symptoms of resentment and depression. Depending upon their temperament, it can go to extremes and can even end up smothering with affection. There is also this desire to find someone with whom the Karkat is able to trust and share his feelings.

Defense is the Best Offence

The defensiveness is a mode for offense for the Karkat. Just as the crab baits its prey into its territory and then attacks and overpowers it, the Karkat also lures in the person it wishes to dominate by luring the person into his domain. In a certain argument, people can think that the Karkat has retreated, but more often than not it can be a preparation for aggression.

The Emotions Follow from Moon

The ruling planet of the Karkat is the moon. It holds the fulcrum of the feelings and emotions and the fact that the moon keeps on changing as in, the moon is never same for two consecutive nights. This lunar rhythm is particularly effective for women as their menstrual cycle is directly associated with it. This thereby also brings them closer to the subconscious realm of the moon.

Since nurturing is the primary characteristic of the Karkat, they can make very good mothers. It may always be necessary that they have to be real mothers, the fact remains that they make good nurturers of all relationships that they get involved in. The Flow of Water is Deep and Ceaseless

The primary element of the Karkat is water. Just as the cycle of water is never-ending, emotions are also never-ending for the Karkat. On one hand the snow falls in the mountain, they melt in the rivers, flow down the streams to join the seas and then also form tides and waves in the ocean. The feelings likewise have a constant flow as they act as a connection of the present and the past experiences of the Karkat's life. Then just as there are hidden currents and activities under the surface of the water, the flow of thoughts going on in the mind of the Cancerian may be quite different from the apparent.

Baby Names According to Karkat (Cancer) Rashi

Karkat (Cancer) Rashi Letters: DD, H

Baby names starting from DD or H belong to Karkat rashi. Baby names like Hansika, Dhyana Dhruv, Hiral are popular Karkat rashi names. You can also choose unique names like Hila, Hiranmay, Dolon for your gorgeous baby. You will find more baby names for Karkat rashi with the help of's baby name finder.

Karkat facts:

  • Positive qualities - They are very trustworthy, nationalistic, ingenious, persuasive, compassionate and even ostentatious and theatrical
  • Negative qualities - They can be cynical, disbelieving and irksome and moody
  • Auspicious day - Monday, Thursday
  • Fortunate numbers - 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25
  • The colors that suits Karkat - Orange, white
  • Auspicious stones - Pearl, Moon Stone, Rubies
  • Preferred talisman - sea shells
  • Famous Karkats - Bimal Roy, Om Shivpuri

Which personality traits do people born under Karkat rashi have? Which planet rules Karkat rashi? Which are the fortunate numbers for Karkat rashi or Cancerians? To share your tips, views, and experiences, click here.


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