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Raising Children Topics..

You are here : home > Raising Children > Behavioral Problems > Indiscipline > Comments


Name: Ravina Singh
Country: India
It is true that now a day’s children are badly behaved. Schools dont seem to care about the dsicpline aspect as much! But I’m happy to say that my kid’s school (Orchids International) not only concentrates only on curriculum they also their students to be disciplined both in school and home. It is an absolute necessity that kids be taught to behave properly in public and at home as well.

Name: vinit
Country: India
indiscipline is not good

Name: priya
Country: India
indiscipline brings arrogants in a child which makes him o her irresponsible ...

Name: Germain
Country: Other
i wanna say that indiscipline is really causing a meanace in all parts of the world in relation to children affairs. in my country ghana, many efforts has been made to help eliminate it and even our vice president has launched a campaign against it but we however hope and pray for the replenishment of the world

Name: truth
Country: Mauritius
the one and only cause of indiscipline is bad influence of peer group and bad surroundings.

Name: suman
Country: India
causes effects and remedies

Name: jessie
Country: Malaysia
can anyone tell me causes of indiscipline in school please?

Name: wola
Country: India
from nigeria,i want to know the causes,effects of indiscipline and how to stop indiscipline in schools.

Name: Hamdat
Country: Other
let me know the causes and effect of indiscipline on academic performance of students

Name: Tope
Country: Other
i want to know the causes and effect of indiscipline on academic performance of students

Name: sam
Country: Malaysia
an article about disciplinary

Name: mas
Country: Malaysia
i want to know about disciplanary among youth in malaysia

Name: salman
Country: India
i want to know about the indicipline of student

Name: Akinrotimi seyi
Country: Other
indiscipline is a general operation among young people .this is caused because they are not saved.

Name: condo
Country: Kenya
i want to know the causes of indiscipline in school

Name: Amit
Country: India
english ne ta bipta pai hai..!!!!

Name: feliwizzy
Country: Other
i thing indicipline is a reflection of the homes the childen r coming from

Name: zaidi
Country: Malaysia
causes of indiscipline in schools is not only cause of parental guidence but also include influences from member,bad influences that and also have a bad of influences from a peer group.

Name: anju
Country: India
students are becoming quite notorious & indisciplined & i feel as if the teachers are bent upon destroying the future careers of the future citizens.

Name: destiny
Country: Other
i am a nigerian. i want to know the causes the effect of indiscipline among the nigerian youths.

Name: veronica
Country: India
i want to see indian cases of indiscipline-research work

Name: valdez
Country: Other
indisipline in schools is partly blamed on the poor management

Country: Other
i am from nigeria,i want to know the causes,effects of indiscipline and how to stop indiscipline in schools. forward all answer to

Name: benjamin Heaven
Country: Other
indiscipline in the eyes of the culprit is relative and normal and culturally bound

Name: Muhammad Galadima
Country: Other
indiscipline is the main cause of our problems in nigeria, fear of god is the only way of salvation.

Name: mike
Country: Other
i want to see the effects of indiscipline in schools

Name: Selvam (
Country: Malaysia
as the head of discipline in a secondary school for the past ten years, i simply would like to say,everyone out there-government,parents and even teachers themselves are spoiling the future generation.looks as if no one is really concerned about 'real education' student discipline is not only the criterion for teaching and learning to occur but it is also the outcome of may e-mail to share further views.

Name: Eluwa Austin
Country: Other
poverty is also a contributing factor, that causes indicipline amongst youths

Country: Malaysia
somebody tell how and give the reason the indicipline caused by the bad influence from peer group

Name: itsme
Country: India
we've prenatal classes & checkups for mothers. similarly we must have parenting classes not only for parents but also for grandparents. in india, today with both parents working, kids are taken care by grandparents and most of the time, grandparents fail to grow up and can be the source of problems. in fact they compound teh problem. mothers-in-law cannot get along with daughters-in-law and when teh latter's child arrives, the old crone always plays havoc in life. i strongly feel, even grandparents shoudl be taught value education even at old age. then we have couples working, lack of time, heavy exam protion, tests, peer pressure, sibling rivalry etc. why not start educating the family first. if tehre's a problem, we need to address it at the grass root level.

Name: oladeinde bolaji adeola
Country: Other
what will be the impact of this indisciline on their examination?

Name: oladeinde bolaji adeola
Country: Other
i want too know the effect of students indiscipline on their performance in senior secondary school examination.

Name: Precious
Country: Other
indiscipline is caused by poverty and greed to get what one's parents cannot afford at the time

Name: anamika
Country: India
i fully agree to one of the viewer's response that along with parents, grandparents also need to be given updates on child's upbringing... it is a fact that if u try to tell them not to do a few things then they have an attitude that she is making us feel as if we did not bring up our children that too in front of the child... in this case, the child knows whom to go if he wants his wishes fulfilled.. & hence, the parents loose control gradually... when the child grows up & he misbehaves, then the entire blame is put on the parents(sp. mother). & if you try to be stern with the child, then it is said that the child is pressurised & he is being demoralised... as per me, it is very difficult situation & one is in a fix how to handle the situation... when the child grows up, then he has pressures of study, peer, competitions, exams, employment,etc.

Name: oladeinde b a
Country: Other
i am sure that the causes of indiscipline in students our themselves and some other factors which can not be over emphasis.but my concern is that what is the effect of this indiscipline?

Name: discipline
Country: India
i would like to know effects,and causes of indisciplinein school on the child.also can you please tell me how can discipline be maintanied in the school

Name: Amoat
Country: Other
may i know the causes,effects and solutions to indiscipline in schools

Name: navi
Country: india
i ve got a total confusion about indiscipline

Country: nigeria
indiscipline is a compound foatoe caused by the family,the society and the school.hence all hands should be on deck to solve the problem

Name: Ajiboye Matthew Ayodele
Country: nigeria
that is a very good observation but but some point has not yet been mention on how such indiscipline could be corb

Name: Ogunsola Atinuke
Country: nigeria
i am a nigerian i want to know the causes of indiscipline among student in nigeria and the possible solution

Name: paddy
Country: nigeria
to what extent is it true ,the general indiscipline among nigerians could be traced to government inability to create apprioprate environment for patriotism

Name: anto
Country: nigeria
indiscipline cannot be over emphasized in our institution of higher has become a serious phenomena,whereby students no longer take it a responsibility to be disciplined

Name: salman
Country: India
i want to know that indicipline of student

Name: thomas
Country: Other
how does indisciopline affect education

Name: wise
Country: Thailand
i want to know more about the remedies of indiscipline

Country: Other
indiscipline among the youths and adults all over the world has to do with home training and personal interest in life. in some parts of africa and asia, what led to indiscipline among the people is lack and greed. some opportunists have made themselves 'gods' above others, mismanagement of government resources in both human and materials. eating and wasting when some other people have not tasted at all. it is greed that would enhance the keeping of stolen national fund in another man's country for safe keep without having any fear of god the creator. indisciline is a crime of the soul. lack, otherwise known as poverty, sometimes causes indiscipline. it makes a supposed-to-be well brought up child fall into the trap of indecent pattern of life. if as a result of poverty, a parent could not cater for the upbringing of a child, as in the provision of social amenities; clothing, food and a place to 'put head' at bed time, and the child in question is seeing most of his friends living better than himself even with a rough background as himself, he might be forced to inquire from them how to 'make it' thus, forming the beginning of a troubled life. some parents are not helping matters. sexual intercourse amongst parents were in the years past, done in the secret place of the inner rooms, but socialization has changed this. most parents bring in pornographic films into the house which they watch to arouse their sex urge even in the presence of the 'just coming up' child. most children beat their parents this days, why, because parents were always insulting themselves in the presence of their children,this the children believe is a normal thing, they then grow into living with it to become part of them. cigarette smoking is fanciful to some people, sign of 'belonging' in other people, but the effect of this, in children, is adversely great. mostly, for parents who ask their children to go and buy cigar and light the cigar for him. inability to have firm control on children is also a root of indiscipline, most children dress out of their houses half nude, yet the parents will not see anything bad in such a manner of dressing.oladeinde bolaji adeola, who wants to know the effect of indiscipline on the performance of students in senior secondary school examination, needs to hear that any man who plans to fail will fail to plan, and anyone who fails to plan will surely plan to fail. fellowship with criminals in school and inability to consentrate in studies prior exams will lead to failures after exams, some teachers are not worthy of being reffered to as teachers, they condone indiscipline. what will a teacher who picks his student for a girlfriend impart, as discipline, to other students who are watching with keen eyes of interest. what will the student who visits dance halls almost every night provide for his future as regards education. where there is shelter, food, sound education and cheap medical care, the issue of indiscipline could be curbed. but where a single soul, is having about 40 cars to himself and his immediate family members while most people who put in their best into their daily assignments can not even boast of a bicycle pedal; will there not be over-spread of armed robbers? when big men are in the habit of cheating the subbordinates, indiscipline will spread it mats to stay wit us. the fear of god is the beginning of wisdom.

Name: mike
Country: nigeria
why mothers are blamed for indiscipline among our youth.

Name: osei kwakye eric
Country: ghana
some of our chiefs sell a piece of land to more than one person and he is left untouched,not until such chiefs are punished indiscipline will continue in the society.

Name: farah
Country: malaysia
i want to know how to solve students discipline problem

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