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Child Development Topics..

You are here : home > Child Development > Physical Development (0-3 years) > Head Circumference Charts > Comments


Name: Ankit
Country: India
hi, my baby is 9 months and 10 days old, his head circumference at present is 42 cm which is 5th percentile. I am worried please guide me.

Name: Deepak Kumar
Country: India

Name: Rahul
Country: India
hai, my baby is 8 months and 15 days old. Her head circumference at the time of birth was 34 cm. Now it is 47 cm. On doctors advice we have done a MRI scan and by seeing the report he told that she has a complication with CSF(Cerebrospinal fluid)production. Can anybody help to know more about this...

Country: India
head circumtances 36.7cm in 18month, how to increase head circumtances.of my daughter

Name: santhosh
Country: U.A.E.
hi, my son is 10month and 21days old and head circumfrence is 47.5cm is it a point of worry, my Dr. asked me to go for head scaning. please advise.

Name: divya
Country: India
Love Babies, music and dance. One cool Ad from Kit Kat combines all the three

Name: rahul
Country: India
i am not able to understand the chart..its little complicated

Name: ria.khanna
Country: India
thanx for the article its very useful and help full

Name: Faisal
Country: Bangladesh
Hello, Our baby boy born 7th January. HC was 35cm, now last week HC 45cm. Doctor advise for brain USG. After birth 3rd day done a brain usg. Report was normal. Pls give me suggest that it's sign of any problem. Thank u, Faisal.

Name: Jai
Country: India
Hi, Our baby girl was born on 5th May. HC was 33.5cm, now she is 3.5 months, HC is 37.5, she grows with 1cm every month. Her activities are normal and improving day by day. Could you please suggest if there is any issue ? THank You, Jai

Name: nazema
Country: malaysia
i can use this chart for my sweet little baby

Name: Jyoti
Country: india
this is very usefull chare

Name: Rajesh
Country: india
hey! this is really a great chart.

Name: Debjani
Country: india
this is very useful chart

Name: kumbi
Country: zambia
very useful when in doubt

Country: singapore
this is a great chart...i am so glad that i found it

Country: usa
if a 3 year old has 48.4 and has a heart murmer, not functional, and born premature 3 lb. is the heart too small too?

Name: Maria
Country: usa
thank you for proving this chart because i had a paper do in the morning dealing with this. thanks again. but quick question is this the average child or just india's children?

Name: Wondering
Country: india
i am curious about the data in the chart. - what is the source? - is it all-india data? or region specific? - are there more specific charts for certain ethnic groups? - what about rural/urban? any differences?

Name: lucinda
Country: usa
my daughter was born with a small head. at age 2 it was 42cm. now at age 7 it is 47cm., but the doctors say she doesn't have microcephaly? she has several developmental delays and is mental retarded. they did an mri normal and fragile x and chromosone tests normal. they are saying it's due to me probably? but refuse to do any testing cat scan etc. to see what the cause is, any suggestions?

Name: ligliwa
Country: micronesia
thank you for this chart. it will help me track my baby's head measurements. i also feel a lot better knowing my baby's head is within the normal range. god bless you.

Country: aahamas

Country: aahamas

Name: Rendan
Country: U.S.A.
my daughter is 6 months lenght 27" / weight: 16.5 pounds head circ. 18" is she ok? because the head is alittle big than 17.3./4 the doctor said she's a little bit over the chart. in your chart, she's fine. why? thanks

Name: Ramin
Country: iran
i have a twin. my son is 6 months now. his head cicumferences are as follows birth 32.5cm 1 month 33cm 2 month 36cm 3 months 39cm 5 month 43.5cm 6 months 46.8cm tell me if there is anything wrong? thanks.

Name: Girija
Country: India
fyki regards annadurai m

Country: Solomon Islands

Name: vishakha
Country: India daughter is 17 mths old n her head circumference is her hc less...does it affects in brain development,thanx.

Name: debjani
Country: India
meycrain head ach

Name: Michelle
Country: Malaysia
hi, my son is 6 month old now. his head circumference is 47cm. doc asked me to keep track of his measurement as 47cm for a 6 month old baby is too much. what would you guys advice?

Name: Mum23
Country: India
is a 20th percentile for head circumference (37.5 cms)of an 8 week old indian baby girl ok? where can i get a chart for head circumference percentile data for indian kids ? thanks !

Name: kelly
Country: U.S.A.
my son is 5 1/2 months old with a head circumference of 46cm. doctors are concerned and im freaking out, although he is developing fine with no symptoms of hydrocephalus. where can i view the answers to these posts?

Name: worriedmom
Country: India
my baby is on the 90th percentile for his age of 2 months, but in the 30th for his head circumference. developmentally he is doing great! should i be worried? his head seems to be flatteneing on left temporal side.

Name: Dad
Country: Australia
there are a lot of anxious parents out there. it is understandable as the sons and duaghter are the most important thing in the whole world. we all want the very best for all these little things. no matter what, we will always love them.

Name: mom
Country: India
what should be the head circumference of a 5 yr old indian girl child?you gave me the chart till 3 yrs of age only

Name: mom
Country: India
what should be the head circumference of a 5 yr old indian girl child?

Name: newmom
Country: U.S.A.
my bab y is 7 mos old and her hc was 43 cm, 3 weeks ago. in the past 3 weeks it has grown 1.5 cm. am worried about this, but she is developing faster than the books i read say she should

Name: mom
Country: India
i need the chart for head circumference for a 5 yr old indian girl

Name: dhanya
Country: India
hi, my child head circumference on the 3rd day was 33cm. now she is 1.5 months old what should be the circumference now?

Name: Mom
Country: India
i have a baby boy who is 8th month old.his head circumference is 43.5. i am worried is it ok.

Country: U.S.A.
my baby 4 month was 15.5 inches hc. and now 5 months is 15.7 inches hc. at the 4 month check up doctor say that head was a little small she weight 13.4 oz and height 25 inches it seem skinny for me! can somebody tell me if is ok?

Name: laura
Country: U.S.A.
my son is 4 months his head was 42cm and after he got meingitis it is now 43cm. is that normal would he grow into it.

Name: priya
Country: India
my son i 8 month old with head circumference 49 cm.he also undergone ultrasound to know the reason but the reports were normal.his all activities are normal but still doc is telling to go for cityscan.if everything is normal in ultrasound why to go for cityscan

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