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Ovarian Cyst
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 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My wife is suffering from a congenital ovary problem. As per the abdominal sonography report, the doctor feels she cannot conceive... The reports states as under: "Uterus is large and bulky. Uterine cavity is distended with echogenic material. Layering of thick and thin material suggests possibility of thick fluid (pyo/hematometra). Left ovary is enlarged and cystic but appears to have regressed. It measures 6X7X7 cm and reveals 3-4 cysts. One of them contains echogenic fluid. Right ovary is not visible."

Pramesh (Nanded, India)

A: More tests like laparoscopy and blood tests will be required before one can reach a conclusion.

Q: I have been prescribed Fertomid-50 for 5 days, and Deviry-10 (medroxy progestrone) from 18th to 25th day. I have been on this treatment for 6 months, but have still not conceived. I have tiny cysts on my ovary. My periods are regular, and every since I've started these medicines, I have had a 29 day cycle. Before, I used to have a 30-35 day cycle. Please advise.

Nargis (Kanpur, India)

A: Take FERTOMID from the 5th day to the 9th day of the period and then from the 14th day take tab. PROGYNOVA 2 mg (One tablet twice a day for 15 days) and also take Tab. Dexamethasone 5 mg (one tablet at bedtime from the 2nd day of period to the 9th day of period). Have sex after the ultrasound shows signs of ovulation.

Q: What can be the cause for bilateral cornual tubal blockage? I also have endometriosis and an ovarian cyst (right side). What are my options if I want to get pregnant?

Mehnaz (Hyderabad, India)

A: It is sometimes difficult to determine the reason for a tubal blockage. It could be because of an infection, a tubal spasm or a mucus plug. Your first step should be to try to open the tubes. This is best done for corneal blocks by FTR (fluoroscopic tubal recanalisation), a procedure done by expert radiologists in the X-ray suite. There is a 50% chance they will be able to open the tubes. If they cannot, then your best treatment option would be IVF (in vitro fertilisation, test tube baby).

Dr. Malpani

Q: My friend has a chocolate cyst near her ovaries (endometrois). She has had her operative laproscopy done twice. Please suggest some treatment so she can conceive.

Vanshika (Mumbai, India)

A: The treatment depends upon the present status of her reproductive anatomy and biological function, i.e. if the fallopian tubes are patent and biologically functional then one should confirm endocrine status and husband semen normality. Thereafter, ultrasound evaluation for ovulation and timely sexual contact should give fruitful results. But if the tubes are blocked they would be irreparable by now and she should opt for one of the assisted reproduction techniques without wasting time.

Dr. Sahetya

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