Diet Index

Breastfeeding your Baby 
- Benefits
- Basics
- Water, Vitamins
- Is Quantity enough
- Expressing Milk
- Safe Medications
- Problems
- Weaning
- Some Tips

Bottle Feeding
- Pros and Cons
- Preparing Feeds
- Tips for Feeding

Did you know...
Many doctors are against walkers for children because: (a) parents tend to put their children in them before their leg muscles are ready; and (b) they are a cause of many accidents in the house, as children run into tables and chairs and many other sharp objects.

Introduction of Solids
- Weaning the Baby
- First Year Foods
- Second Year Foods 
- Baby Food Recipes

Baby's Diet For Good Health
More on Baby's diet for good health 

Babyfood Recipes

     Mashed bananas
     Boiled and mashed apples
     Other seasonal fruits

     Mashed, well-cooked vegetables

     Suji upma (rava upma)
     Suji kheer (rava kheer) 
     Dalia (from broken wheat)

     Khichri (with moong dal)
     Rice Kheer

     Pumpkin Malagutal
     Spinach Malagutal

     Rice Kanji
     Water, Sugar and Salt solution

     Feeding Tips
     Cooking Tips

Your baby has just started sucking her thumb, and she really seems to be enjoying it! You are worried she may acquire a bad habit of thumb-sucking, and ruin her beautiful smile in the process. Find out whether thumb-sucking is bad and how you can  prevent it

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Disciplining your Baby Asthama
Marathi Rhymes Fever and Heatstroke

Preventing Tooth Decay
Do you think that milk teeth are not important? Do you allow your child to have chocolates and ice creams on a regular basis?  If your answer is yes, your child maybe at risk for tooth decay and other dental problems. Find out how you can maintain good dental health of your child

Breastfeeding and the New Dad You spend a lot of time with the baby since you are breastfeeding the baby.  You are in charge of all his activities; you are essentially the center point of your baby's life.  But do you think you may have forgotten the New Dad in the process. Experience of a breastfeeding mother and the New Dad

Vitamin Deficiency
You are trying to give your baby the most nutritious foods you can, but are having a tough time because he is very fussy. You are concerned he may be missing out on some important vitamins and minerals. Find out more on the symptoms and implications of vitamin deficiency.

Feeding the Fussy Child
You have realised your child is a very fussy eater.  You make the most delicious foods for him, but he will not eat.  You try to distract him with toys, but that doesn't work either.  You've tried the high chair, the swing and the garden, but he simply refuses.Learn how you can feed a fussy child

The Fat Child
Your child has become fat, and you are not sure why.  People all around you are commenting on how healthy he looks.  But you are a little concerned because his movements have slowed down and he is less active. Find out how you can manage the diet and care of your fat child



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