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You are here : home > Teen Issues > Teen Problems > Leaving The Nest > Comments


Name: Allysa
Country: USA
this article is very good for me. my son has completed his first year of college and is home for the summer. my husband and i disagree about how i am treating our son, who is now 19. i don't want to drive him away, but i just know he is not ready to leave the nest. i am speaking to other parents about this subject. i enjoyed this article.

Name: Gary Direnfeld
Country: Canada
i am the author of the article. yes, it can be difficult letting go of our children, but how we do so will also set the stage for how they may return! always leave the door open. best, gary direnfeld www.yoursoc

Name: Concerned Father
Country: USA
the first thing i asked my daughter was "don't fall in love with someone from the other side of the country" and that's the first thing she did! now the boy wants to marry her and both are thinking to move out of florida! i'm going crazy over this idea, having a horrible time with her, i want to keep her near by so i can see her or visit them often .. is that asking too much? how can i learn to let go? please write to if you have any advice sad dad

Name: ap
Country: India
i wish i had read this before my son left home. i was such a baby. now my daughter is preparing to leave. i realize after reading the article that we have to interact as adults now.

Name: Rohan
Country: India
very good article.

Name: Shannu
Country: USA
a well written article. really makes our mind to think abt this aspect.

Name: umasreedhar
Country: India
it is good that we discuss with them.

Name: Torn in Two
Country: united kingdom
thanks gary for the article-my daugher is leaving tomorrow morning after having been away for her first year at uni. i knew she was coming back this summer to stay but we have now bought an apartment for her which we are renting to her but i know this is the beginning of another era- she will never really be home to stay- to visit yes- to stay- probably not. i am a busy mum with a younger son and a more than full professional life with a public profile- but it's still tough and tonight i am sad as i look back at childhood photos of my daughter- now 18. she came down while clearing her room and found little things i had given her to play with in her childhood- she too was reminiscing. i guess this is what the circle of life is all about- i know the fear is mine- of missing her and of growing older. other readers are right-she will no doubt be back for babysitting etc.. i look forward to that.

Name: ray
Country: malaysia
im 21, now im staying far apart with my parents for my studies at melbourne,was trying to do some research bout children leaving home for my assignment,till i read this article,i found it so touching that parents is actually care bout us so much.i know it's not easy to be a good parents.i miss my parent real much now,and to those parents who read this,you are the best parent ever! =d

Name: Skysurfer
Country: Canada
i have left the nest many a time, but close by. last year i made the toughest decision of my life to follow my dreams, and the reason it was tough, was to leave the country all together. being over the ocean away from my mom and dad, brother and my cats is so tough especially when it's difficult and expensive to go over to see them. i'm just at the end of a christmas trip over here and tomorrow i leave to go back to school and i can't stop crying. i sometimes wish i could turn back time, to when i was a child, and forget this all happened, but then i know i need to achieve this dream. i love you mom and dad :-( thanks for being so wonderful.

Name: Maria
Country: Guatemala
i left my family since i was 11 years old because i had to work in order for my other 3 sinblings to eat and go to school. i don't regret because now i have enough knoledge to survive and make decisions. one really need a lot of help when living in another place or just being far from your nest.

Name: Melisa
Country: U.S.A.
generally this type of article view people exclusively as animals! no feelings, nothing!

Name: sheila
Country: United Kingdom
my daughter of 17 on her birthday no less stormed out of the door after a row ,a college councillor came to see us afew days and told us she is moving into shared rented accomodation, we have always been a very close family and this has been too much too soon for me, i am trying to see of i can negotiate with her to come home and have a planned move in a few weeks. i hope she will see me otherwise she will be going it alone and that will be such a worry. i told the councillor that she could come home if things didn't work out. she was always headstrong but this is a new high.

Name: Vicky
Country: United Kingdom
my son left home yesterday to go to university hes 18 i havent stopped crying for 2 days and hes phoned me twice to say hes having a great time and has met new friends already,ithink its a case of ive done everything for him here and now im worried he wont be able to do it on his own, silly really when i had my first daughter at 17 and left home then i remember my mum cring as well, and i saw her evey day.give it a few weeks and im sure i will be back to normal at the moment its silly because it feels like a bereavment i cant go in his room without daughter is now 21 and has left home 3 times and come back the house is up and down at the moment as she is going again, to once again move in with her boyfriend so both of my kids will be gone.cherish your children while they are young because time soon goes by and they have cant hold on to them forever and some of the time we all know they drive us mad but once theyve left home the house is a quiet and lonely place.

Name: Bo
Country: usa
our daughter just turned twenty-one and she is moving out for the first time. we also have a twenty-seven month old son that will wonder were did she go??? i beleive that it is improtant for a young adult to live on their own when the time is right. parents don't push them out or away. this isn't the reason we brought them into the world in the first place. although there has been times when we wanted her out sooner, i glad that we have given some time to let it happen for all the right reasons without pushing her away. she can now grow into her adulthood, at her pace and with life experiences. without leaving home, this would never happen. therefore cheating her out of being an adult. if for what ever reason things get bad, we have reassured her that home is only 30 minutes away. the sad part of letting go is that her little brother will no longer have her around. he loves her and adores her. any suggestions with his transition on not having his big sister living at home anymore? enjoy your childer....all of them!!! bo

Country: usa
my oldest daughter is graduating from high school this yr and i miss her terribly because she is never home and when she is now she doesn't talk if she is not at her boyfriends then she is at the computer emailing him. i wish we could be close as we once were but i don 't know where to begin. any suggestions?

Name: saravana kumar
Country: India
it is very useful to us.we thank you very much. god bless you

Name: Mary
Country: Australia
as a veteran of the empty nest syndrome can i say that there are two ways to look at things. first, let me assure you that you have tenure. if you're good, before long they'll call you to baby sit on a saturday night. also, let me remind you parents that you had a life before raising children and yay! you can continue what you were doing before you were rudely interrupted, or try something new. it's never too late. if you've raised your children to do the right thing by themselves and the people around them if you've given them good values, let go. good luck.

Name: a mother
Country: united kingdom
my daughter has just left home like half a hour ago;. her father went to bed i told him to get up but her could not be bother. but i saw her off and it was sad but hell i was mad that her father could not be bother to move. i am thinking that when i went to say good bye to the dog( who live with us for 2 years ) that i should of put my arm around her. but she is coming back tomorrow. so i think i will think of her leaving home tomorrow , and not tonight and we are a family can say good bye in a way i think a parent should. huging your son and daughter and say move with the clouds it time to fly. maybe that me. but that how i feel.

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