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Problems in Getting Pregnant 
- Having Trouble
  Getting Pregnant
- Seeking 
  Medical Advise

Female Infertility 
- Causes and 
- Treatment of 
  Female Infertility

Did you know...
Menopause ('burning out' of the ovaries) is a result of declining levels of the female hormone estrogen. Post-menopausal period is also referred to as the estrogen deficient period and leads to problems like osteoporosis.

Male Infertility 
- Causes of Male 
Investigations and 

Recent Advances in Medicine
- Artificial 
- Test-Tube 
  Pregnancies (I.V.F)
  and GIFT


Having Trouble Getting Pregnant

     How long can it take to get pregnant
     When should I consult a doctor for help
     Women all around me are getting pregnant

     Late planning (advanced age)
     Excessive drinking, smoking, drug use
     Ovulation/menstruation problems
     Low sperm count (for males)
     Retroverted uterus
     Polycystic ovaries
     Intercourse pattern

     When should I consult a specialist
     I am scared of visiting a fertility specialist
     Everyone is always giving me advise

Do you often get headaches so severe that they cannot be cured by any medicine? Do you also experience blurred vision, dizziness or nausea? Does vomitting sometimes help relieve your symptoms. Find out more on migraines and what you can do about them.

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Menstruation Mastectomy
Birth Control Pill Mammography
Fertilization Joint Pains
Natural Family Planning Hot Flushes
HRT Blood in Stools
Estrogen Biopsy
Osteoporosis Hip Fractures

The Benefits of Ultrasound
You may have thought that ultrasound scans (or sonograms) are only used by pregnant women to find out their baby's sex.  You couldn't be further from the truth. Ultrasounds are used in diagnosing or confirming a large number of medical problems for both men and women. Learn more about the benefits of ultrasound.

Considering Adoption
You've just been told that you cannot have a baby. You are devastated. But you are still very keen to be a parent. Adopting a child could be just the answer. Adoption: Should I consider it?

Coming to Terms with Infertility
You have been planning a baby for a few years now, but with no success. The doctor's verdict is that you are infertile. You cannot accept the fact that you may never be a mother.  Learn how to cope with the pain of  infertility

Pre-menstrual Syndrome(PMS)
Some women are victims of severe PMS - they suffer from terrible cramps, mood swings, bouts of  irritability and depression.  Others don't even notice it. Learn more about  PMS and its causes

Eating Disorders
Are you thin but still obsessed with your weight?  Do you go on eating binges and later feel guilty?  You think puking, exercise and laxatives are the solution?  Think again, you may be suffering from Bulimia or Anorexia



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