The Normal Pregnancy 
- Are you Pregnant?
- Your Due Date
- Routine Tests
- Complaints
- Risks in Pregnancy
- Common Concerns
- Medications

Weight Gain, Diet & Exercise
- Weight Gain
- Healthy Diet
- Exercise

Did you know...
If the fertility of both you and your partner is normal, then there is roughly a 1 in 3 chance (33%) of becoming pregnant as a result of uncontracepted intercourse during the fertile phase of each cycle.

Medical Aspects of Pregnancy 
- List of Complaints
- List of Tests
- Safe Medicines

Complications during Pregnancy
- Common Problems
- Complications
- Miscarriages, etc.

Labour and Delivery 
- Preparation
- Initial Stages
- 3 Stages of Labour
- Pain Relief
- Complications

Month by Month Development of the baby
- First Month
- Second Month
- Third Month
- Fourth Month
- Fifth Month
- Sixth Month
- Seventh Month
- Eight Month
- Ninth Month

Determining your 
Due Date

     How important is the due date
     Few women deliver on their due date

     How can I determine my due date
     How does the doctor determine it
     Can different methods give different dates
     Can I plan to deliver on a particular day

Alarming Signs in Pregnancy
Your pregnancy is going smoothly.  So far so good.  But you have heard of other mothers getting occassional spotting or cramps in the stomach. You want to know which situations require immediate medical attention. Find out when to call the doctor.

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Diaper Rash Mastectomy
Why do Babies Cry Preventing Stains
Benefits of Massage Epsiotomy
Diapering the Baby Baby Powder
Party Games Test-tube Babies
Children's Movies Baby after 35
Osteoporosis Burping the Baby

Cesarean Deliveries
You've been told your delivery is likely to be a cesarean.  You are a little worried, because after all it is a surgery.  You have many questions: What are the risks of a cesarean - to you and to the baby?  How long will it take to recover?  Will your subsequent deliveries also be cesarean? Learn more about the implications of a cesarean delivery.

Your pregnancy is considered high risk,  because of either high blood sugar, high blood pressure, or some other problem. You are scared you may have a premature baby. Learn more about premature babies and the special care they need

Is your Newborn Healthy
You determine your baby's health based on its weight. But how do doctors determine if your baby is "medically" fit? They rate the newborn in what is called the APGAR Score.  This sytem of rating newborns is followed by all doctors worldwide, and provides a good basis for comparison. More on the APGAR Score

The Importance of Ultrasound
Ultrasound scans during pregnancy help in diagnosing and confirming pregnancy-related complications, such as: genetic disorders in the foetus; growth retardation of the baby; problems with the placenta; excessive or inadequate amniotic fluid;  and many others. Learn more about the benefits of ultrasound.

The Joys of Childbirth
When you think of childbirth, all you can think of is screaming mothers. You are afraid you may not be able to handle the physical pain of childbirth. But if you trust your body's ability to give birth, you will not only be able to bear labour pains more easily, but also be able to speed labour.  Learn about the joys of childbirth and how you can make this a rewarding experience.



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