Junk Food Junkie

To lose weight, you've got to junk that junk food. Here are fast facts about junk food that are guaranteed to make you think twice before reaching for that burger.

While fast food is still not so much a way of life here in India as it is in the West, we are fast heading in that direction. With McDonalds, Pizza Hut and Dominos all over the place, it's not going to be long before burgers and pizzas replace rice and dal as our staple diet at least in the metros.   


How much money do you spend on fast food? Think about it. While you may justify your spending by telling yourself 'It's okay, it's food,' you're just building up a false sense of security. It may be food for sure, but it's baaad food. It's bad for your health, and it's certainly bad for your body image, especially if you're looking to lose weight. Junk food is just that junk. With one added ingredient fat. So stop spending your hard earned money on it.  Similarly, if you're full, STOP eating. Don't keep munching on that burger just because you paid for it so you're going to damn well finish it. Just STOP eating. If you're feeling guilty about wasting, carry it out with you and give it to a beggar or a dog.  

Skip the fries

You may not want to give up burgers or totally deprive your kids from their outings, so here's a solution. When ordering burgers, skip the french fries. A handful of fries has as many calories as a burger, so keep that in mind.  

Don't say cheese

Skip the cheese too. Cheese is pure fat and pure cholesterol. Sure all our grandmothers grew fit on cheese and ghee, but don't try to stick to the same diet, no matter how much your grandmother tells you to. She didn't drive around all day in a car or lounge around watching television for recreation. What's 'amrit' to one generation could very well be poison to the next.  

Go hard on soft drinks

If possible, skip the coke or order diet coke or pepsi for your kids. Don't listne to those who tell you to let your kids enjoy the regular drink. No one benefits from extra calories, and there's nothing wrong in inculcating an awareness of fitness in your kids as long as you go about it in a positive manner, keeping sensitivities and self-esteem of your child in mind. A healthy awareness of fat and thin is fine, and will go a long way in your child maintaining his weight as he grows up.  

Soft drinks are bad for the complexion, and bad for your health. They contain caffeine and are dehydrating. When you have a soft drink you need to drink some water afterwards to compensate for the water loss! Instead of keeping soft drinks handy at home, keep squashes and fruit juices in the refrigerator. Call for soft drinks only if you are expecting company, or keep a couple of bottles at home for unexpected visitors. Make it a rule that kids cannot drink them as they are 'for guests only', just like a favourite tablecloth or crockery. 

Shake off those milkshakes

A milkshake outside contains an equivalent to around 10 teaspoons of sugar, so if you must have your milkshake, make it yourself at home with the help of a juicy fruit, some milk and some vanilla or strawberry essence. Stick to the Diet Coke or Pepsi, or better yet, water. 

Large portions

While you probably will not be able to totally stop fast food consumption, make a resolution to reduce it. Don't call for large portions at home when guests come because in all likelihood you or your kids will finish off what's left over, and the only people to benefit will be the food giants and their bulging wallets. Now that's the kind of bulge I'd like to have!

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