Tips to Ensure Your Child's Safety in School

In today's fast paced and modern world dangers are lurking everywhere. So, the safety issues related to children cannot be overlooked. We take all safety measure to keep children safe at home but what about their schools? Children spend most of the time of their day in schools and so it is very important to ensure child's safety at school. Here is what can be done.

Ensuring Child's Safety at School

Here are some tips which parents can follow to ensure child's safety at school.

Discussion with Children

It is important to have discussion with children on daily basis to find out how their day typically was. They should be made comfortable to share about what they liked and what they disliked at school. In this way if anything wrong is happening with the child, he or she will open to share it with parents.

Dropping and Picking-Up Safely

While dropping your child to the school, make sure that you wait till the attendants in the school receive him or her. If attendants are not available do not leave your child alone. Make sure that you pick and drop your child on time. If you are opting for a school bus service, do not leave until your child boards the bus. Make sure that you take the bus service that is affiliated to the school.

Stranger Safety

Teach your child not to talk to strangers and avoid paying attention if any strangers try to talk to him or her. Teach your child not to take any chocolate or any toy from any strangers no matter how exciting it is. In case if your child comes across such strangers, tell him or her to inform you or the teachers immediately. Nowadays, schools provide identity cards to parents as well as to the care takers who come to pick and drop the child. If your child's school does not provide it, you can suggest them to provide it for the sake of child's safety.

Other Safety Measures

How to Choose Safe School for Your Child?

Nowadays most of the schools are equipped latest technology to ensure safety of children in school. Most of them make use of CCTV cameras, GPS system enabled school buses etc; to monitor children and the staff in school. But Footprints Preschool is way ahead of these schools. Most of the parents evaluate a lot of schools before finalising the school in which their children will study. They must have noticed that most of the schools do have common safety features but do not provide advance features like live CCTV stream from the class of the child, smart app to monitor all the school activities, etc which are provided by Footprints preschool.

Interactive Session with Children at Footprints

Let us now take look at some more details on why Footprints Preschool is a best preschool for your child as far as safety measures and tech-enabled monitoring is concerned.
Other Activities

Other fun activities that aid overall development of children are also carried out at Footprints Preschools. Such activities include sandpit activities, numbers jumping, yoga, taekwondo, cutting-pasting, drawing and painting, storytelling, dance and music, swings and slides etc.

Outdoor Activities for Children at Footprints

Drawing and Painting Activities for Children

Other Facilities that Footprints Preschool Provide

Here some other important facilities that are provided at Footprints Preschools. Footprints will not only take care of your child's overall development but also of the security the issues. It is a home away from home for children where they can learn and grow in and regulated and secure environment. To tell you in short, Footprints Preschool is truly your parenting partner. So, say bye-bye to your worries and enrol your child in Footprints Preschool today!