Smart Ways to Reduce the Load of Household Chores

Managing household chores is not as easy as it seems. Such chores need a personal touch and cannot be left completely in the hands of maids. There are many little things that should be taken care of to effectively manage the household chores.

These chores also eat-up most of our time depriving us from spending some family moments. Sometimes we even miss the joyous moments as we are stuck with these boring chores. And when unexpected guests turn-up these chores become a nightmare. But if little attention is paid to the way things are done and if modern technology is used the load of house hold chores can be reduced to a greater extent thereby saving a lot of time.
The household chores can be divided into 3 main categories i.e. cooking, laundering clothesand cleaning utensils. Here is how the tasks in each of these categories can be handled so that the load of household chores is minimised.

With little planning you can save a lot of time wasted over thinking what to cook. Always keep your refrigerator loaded with vegetables. In fact nowadays you can order vegetables and other grocery items online as well. Deicide the menu for next day before you go to bed and keep all the ingredients ready. Keep the masala for making gravy ready a day before. It can also be refrigerated and used for at least a week. There are lot of vegetables which can be cleaned, chopped and refrigerated for the next day use. Alternatively, you can also use an electric chopper to save a lot of time on chopping.
Make optimum use of pressure cooker. Use a microwave for doing chores like roasting, heating certain food-items etc to save time. Using pressure cooker and microwave allows you to do other chores simultaneously.

Laundering Clothes
Laundering clothes is also one of the tasks that can be done simultaneously while doing other chores. Technology has made washing clothes using washing machine a cake walk. So don't let your laundry pile-up. Wash clothes on daily basis. Let the used clothes go directly to the washing machine but make sure that they do not include clothes that leave colour. All you need to do is load your fully automatic washing machine and turn it on. If you have some time on weekend, do iron your clothes and keep them ready for the upcoming week.

Cleaning Utensils
Cleaning utensils is one of the most daunting household chores. Cleaning stubborn dish stains, burnt food on pan and food stuck in the cutlery is like pain in the neck. Let us take a look at how these chores can be turned into a fun activity.

How to Make Dishwashing a Fun Activity?
Let's take a look at how dishwashing can be made into a fun activity.
  1. Reward your family members and children for putting the left-over food on the dish into the dustbin.
  2. Train your family members to load the dishwasher to reduce your work load.
  3. Give bonus points if they load the utensils used by them in the dishwasher on their own.
  4. Use dishwasher to clean smaller loads of utensils while you are doing other chores. This way you will not even realise that you are done with huge load of utensils in batches without much stress or worry.
  5. Watch your favourite TV show or read your favourite book while your dishwasher is at work.
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