How Taking Extra Care Can Make Your Clothes Last Longer

We spend a lot of time and money on choosing the best clothes for ourselves. However, a very little care is taken to maintain their quality which make them wear-off very easily as well as too early.

The fabric of each outfit that we wear is not the same. Therefore, it is necessary to treat different types of clothes that we wash together with lots of care. If right care is taken, clothes do last longer and remain newer looking for longer period of time. If clothes are handled very roughly they may get spoiled very soon. Let us take a look at some tips for taking extra care of clothes for making them last longer.

How to Improve the Longevity of Clothes?

Here are some tips for improving the longevity of clothes and for keeping them newer looking always.

Avoid Using a Lot of Detergent

Using a lot of detergent can spoil the clothes. So, it is necessary to make sure that detergent is not used excessively and is used in a right quantity while washing clothes. Alternatively, mild detergent can be used.

Avoid Using a Clothes Brush

Avoid brushing your clothes hard using a detergent cake and a clothes brush unless necessary. Clothes brush can be harsh on the fabric and lead to removal of the strings of clothing fibre that is used for making that particular cloth. It can also be responsible for the appearance of lint on the clothes.

Use Natural Stain Removers

Avoid using commercial stain removers for the clothes as they can be harsh on them. Instead use natural stain removers like lemon juice or white vinegar for removing stains from the clothes. Natural stain removers can work wonders without harming the clothes.

Avoid Bleaching Coloured Clothes

You can use bleaches for white clothes but you must avoid bleaching coloured clothes. Using bleaches on coloured clothes can cause colours to fade making clothes dull looking. Also bleaching clothes frequently can damage the fabric and sometimes it may also cause abrasion or holes to appear on the clothes.

Avoid Using Same Clothes Often

All of us have our favourite pairs of clothes which we like to wear often. However, frequent usage of same pair of clothes can cause them to wear-off easily. Therefore, to increase the life of clothes it is a must to wear them less often and use them in rotation with other clothes. In this way not only your favourite clothes, but also your other clothes will last longer.

How Hand Washing Can Spoil the Clothes?

Detergent cakes and clothes brush are mostly used while hand-washing clothes. This method of washing clothes can cause abrasions on clothes and cause them to get spoiled faster. Clothes are handled roughly while hand washing them which may cause additional wear and tear to them. For removing all the water out from the washed clothes, they are required to be squeezed very hard, which may cause them get torn. Clothes like T-shirts or those made-up of lycra can get unnecessarily stretched. Also detergent cakes are rough which may cause abrasions on the clothes.

Hand-washed clothes also take longer to get dried. The fabric and quality of clothes remaining moist for longer time may also get affected. Therefore, to make your clothes last longer and for making them look newer forever, it is better to wash them using washing machine.

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