Dangers in Traditional Ways of Drying Clothes Indoors

The chore of drying clothes is always taken for granted. The conventional ways of drying clothes are usually followed but the hidden dangers are often overlooked. These days due to lack of space as a result of modernization, mostly clothes are dried indoors. But drying clothes indoors is not always safe as it seems. Let us now take a look at the dangers of drying clothes indoors and some safety precautions that you can take.

Dangers of Drying Clothes Indoors

When clothes are dried inside the house the level of moisture in the air tends to increase. Moist environment at home in turn leads to growth of moulds that discharge seeds called spores. These spores can be responsible for allergic reactions in some individuals. These kinds of fungal spores cannot be seen with naked eyes. Although, if these spores are inhaled, our immune system expels them while sneezing or coughing, such spores can cause reaction in people who are sensitive to them. Have a quick look at list of the kind of people who are at risk and the kind of reactions that these spores may cause.
Apart from the above mentioned risks, the clothes which are dried indoors do not get dried properly at times. Certain amount of moisture stays in them which can cause many problems. Wearing such partially dried clothes can give rise to skin infections like fungal infection which are often difficult to get rid of. Such infections can spread from one person to another very easily as usually clothes of all the family members are piled-up and washed together.

How to Prevent the Dangers of Drying Clothes Indoors

One of the obvious things that can be done to prevent the dangers of drying clothes indoors is to dry them outside. But, for most households it is not possible due to the lack of space. Another, thing that can be done is to ensure that the house is properly ventilated. One can use exhaust fans, air purifiers, humidifiers etc, to keep the air at home as pure as possible. It is necessary to make sure that the heaters and air conditions are well maintained. It is also necessary to take care that the places where moulds tend to grow are mostly kept clean and moisture free.
Although, we may take the above measures, they may not provide guarantee that the problems caused due to drying clothes indoors can be prevented forever. So, the best way to prevent these problems would be to dry clothes in a dryer. With the use of dryers it is possible to not only get rid of the home that looks messy with clothes hanging all around but also to save a lot of time and effort. Using dryers will help to prevent the health risk as well as the hassle that is caused while ironing the clothes which are dried indoors.

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