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Top 10 Activities to Connect with Children during Bedtime

Top 10 Activities to Connect with Children during Bedtime

It is necessary to carry out good bedtime routine with children to improve the quality of their life. Take a quick look at the list of 10 fun bedtime activities right away.

Bedtime is the great time to connect with children after a hectic day. Talking and carrying out fun activities with them during this time can work as a great stress buster for you. It is the time to bond and create wonderful memories. With some fun activities you can also utilize this time to inculcate good values and morals in them. You can teach them some good habits. Let us now take a look at the top 10 fun activities that can help you to connect with your children during bedtime.

Fun Activities to Connect with Children during Bedtime

Here are some fun activities that can help you to connect with your children during bedtime.

1. Telling Bedtime Stories

Read bedtime stories to your children. It is a classic activity that can help you to inculcate morals and values in them.

2. Teeth-Brushing Activity

Have a fun teeth-brushing activity. Brushing teeth twice a day is a must. Utilize this time to inculcate this healthy habit in your children.

3. Getting Refreshed

Get refreshed! Before going to bed wash your hands, feet, face and wear your night dress to feel refreshed. Do it yourself as well as encourage your children to do the same. This activity will help you to inculcate cleanliness habits in your children.

4. Asking Bedtime Questions

You can ask your children about some routine bedtime questions. You can ask them about the day. You can ask them what they learnt in the school. Did they do any mischief? What were the funniest things that happened to them during the day? You can also ask some more fun question of your choice.

5. Play Games

Play some simple indoor games to boost your mood and cheer your children. You can play games like carom, puzzles, ludo or any other board game of your choice. Nowadays, there are many apps available on which you can play such games.

6. Tell Silly Jokes

Going to bed in a happy mood is a must to wake-up cheerful in the morning. So, telling silly jokes to your children is the best way to let your house reverberate with laughter. Laughter can change the mood of your children and bring positive energy in your house.

7. Appreciate Your Children

Tell your children about the good qualities in them that you like the most. Appreciating children can boost their self-esteem and confidence. Appreciation from parents is really a must to boost the inner strength and confidence of children.

8. Go for a Walk

After having dinner, you can go for a walk with your children to nearby places. You can go to nearby parks or places where you can have a brisk walk safely and with free mind. Having a brisk walk at night can improve your blood circulation and help you and your children get a good and peaceful night’s sleep.

9. Practice Relaxation Techniques

If it is not possible to go out for a walk you can practice relaxation techniques like deep breathing and meditation at home. Such techniques can help you and your children to focus better on the day-to-day activities. It is also a great way to spend quality time with them.

10. Pray Together

Before going to bed you can pray together with your children and family. It is a great way to thank God for the beautiful life that you are living. You can ask for the blessings for having a great day that is going to start very soon.

The above mentioned activities are not just fun activities but also the acts to teach children the way of life. Carrying out such activities will help you to connect with children as well as help them to focus on good things in life. So, make sure that you do carry out such fun activities with your children every day.

Why is it important to carry out a bedtime routine with children? What kind of bedtime activities can prove beneficial for children? How to develop a good bedtime routine for children? Discuss here.

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