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You are here : home > Indian Culture > Indian Festivals and occassions > Planning 26th January - Republic Day Celebrations for Kids

Planning 26th January - Republic Day Celebrations for Kids

Planning 26th January - Republic Day Celebrations for Kids

Have you planned any activity for your children for the occasion of Republic Day? Read on to find some ways to plan a wonderful Republic Day celebration so that this day is celebrated in its real sense.

Republic Day is not just a holiday. It is celebrated every year on 26th January and many kids are not aware of the real truth and significance of the day. This year, let your children celebrate Republic Day in a meaningful way. This is a great chance to instil patriotic and philanthropic understanding in your children.
Republic Day is one of the most important and auspicious days for the country and its citizens. Unfortunately, many of us just spend the day as a holiday. Let your kids know and understand the real worth. Plan some of the activities with your kids and make them enjoy as well as understand the importance of the day.

1. Watch the Direct Telecast of Flag Hoisting on TV

The most interesting and awaited moment for all Indians is the flag hoisting done by the President of India at Rajpath in New Delhi. Let your children watch and grasp the significance.

2. The National Anthem

When the national anthem is being played, stand in attention pose with your kids even when you are at home and let them know the respect every Indian pays to the flag and the anthem. After the anthem is over, explain the meaning of the anthem to your kids and educate them about RabindranathTagore, who wrote it. It can be a matter of discussion or debate depending on the age of your children.

3. Republic Day Parade

The Republic Day parade is an exciting and anticipated program for all Indians. Watch this with your child and keep explaining important points here and there. Create interest in your child and let her understand that the parade is not just a repetitive exercise or the tabloids are not just men and women singing and dancing. They are informative and say a lot through the small skits arranged. Help your child understand it.

4. Watch National Bravery Awards for Children

Let your children know the importance of the National Bravery Awards given to extraordinary children on the Republic Day. Watch the program with your kids so that they get motivated by seeing the exemplary acts of courage they had shown. These would inspire your kids to compete with the actions of those brave hearts.

5. Play a Quiz Game on Republic Day Facts

Memorize the Republic Day facts and ask your kids to do so at least a week before so that they are prepared for the quiz. Depending on their age and level of education, you can organize and set the quiz questions. You can also arrange a quiz competition or an event in your society or colony.

6. Dress Traditionally

In addition to the above activities, make sure you and members of your family dress in traditional Indian costumes.

7. Plan Some Outdoor Activities

Along with the indoor activities, you can plan an outdoor activity with your child. Take her to the real celebration carried out in your city. Prepare a meal that has all the three colours so that kids get a feel throughout the day. You can also visit poor and orphan children and donate food and clothes to help them. Teach poor children the importance of cleanliness and safety in life in front of your kids.
Make your children aware of the history and origin of the Republic Day. Brief them the history of freedom struggle and a little bit of background information. Just keep in consideration your child’s age. Moreover, do not underestimate your child. Even if she is very young, let her know that the national holidays are celebrated in different and special way. Hope all the above mentioned activities help you celebrate the auspicious day in the right and meaningful way with your kids.

How to celebrate National festivals with children? Which activities can be carried out with kids on the occasion of 26th January, Republic Day? How to inculcate patriotism in children? Discuss here.

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Alesha.6 years ago
We must get celebrate these National Festivals just like we celebrate other festivals in our country.
Hemali.6 years ago
Good tips, we must show flag hoisting ceremonies to children and culture programs held on this day.
Kanchi.6 years ago
It is a must to celebrate these festivals with our children to instill patriotism in them.
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