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Vastu Shashtra

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Indian architecture and design system, which specifies in detail the method of designing buildings, plots and lands so that it produces positive vibrations and creates a healthy environment for the dwellers. Vastu Shastra is a Sanskrit name, where vastu means nature, surrounding or environment, and shastra is science. As the name suggests, this science is based on laws of nature.

Vastu suggests the layout of the house, the placement of the furniture, the appropriate colour scheme for different rooms and the placement of water storage tanks or other storage systems. The most important element considered by vastu shashtra experts is the topography of land and water resources. Other elements like trees, electrical poles, direction of the place, and the size and shape of the land are also taken into account. The position of the owner's star as per his vedic horoscope is also equally important.

Five elements of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that helps get the natural benefits freely offered by the universe's five basic elements: prithvi (earth), paani (water), aakash (space), agni (fire), and vayu (air), commonly called panch maha tatva or bhutas. Vastu Shastra requires that all these elements be in harmony.

The basic principle of this science is that both man and nature are composed of these elements and it is only logical that one influences the other. The magnetic effect of the earth affects us and controls the way we live. Vastu shastra believes that the human body is itself a magnet with the head as north pole corresponding to the magnetic field of the earth. Nearly 75% of our body is made up of water, the same percentage as the extent of oceans on earth. The moon exerts influence on the waters of the oceans, as a result we have tides, similarly, we cannot ignore the power that the moon and other celestial bodies have on a human body

Fire is very significant to our existence. We get heat and light or energy from the sun, which is essential for human existence. Fire is represented in our body as its temperature. Various gases in the atmosphere constitute air that we breathe and our very survival depends on this. All the planets, satellites and stars in the space have its own gravitational and magnetic force, which exert some sort of influence on our body.

How Vastu Shastra helps

Vastu shashtra helps in determining the following:

  • Selection of suitable land for construction of house, office premises or     factories,
  • Shape of land and its effect,
  • Effects of the direction of the house on your life,
  • Guidance on placement of household items and business materials or     tools,
  • Defects within the house or of land and its effect,
  • Effects of the vastu on the land-owner and his family,
  • Details of placement of doors and windows and so on.

  • It is simpler to apply laws of vastu for a new house plan than for a structure that is already in place since one cannot undertake drastic alterations or demolition. It takes nearly six months to see the effects of vastu on your life. This time period also depends on the amount of rectification done, the percentage of defects, the topography, as well as the strength of the owner's Vedic horoscope.

    Vastu Shastra believes that you can bring peace, harmony and prosperity into your lives and home by following the guidelines therein.

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