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Burglar-Proof Your Home II

Here's how you can keep your home secure if you live in a bungalow or a smaller place without adequate organized security.

Last week we had a few tips on how you can do your bit to keep your home secure and safe from burglary if you live in a high-rise building. This week we will talk about tips to help keep your home secure if you live in a flat within a bungalow, or if you are the sole occupant of a bungalow or a single storied house.

The first stumbling block in such a system is that of security. Very often if you live in a smaller place that does not have its own society and you do not have a watchman, there is no need to make getting a watchman a priority. Remember that very often, in bungalows, watchmen themselves may be involved in committing crimes. This is because they are the ones who know when you are at home, when you are out and who is inside the house all the time. In addition, they constantly hang around outside the house and as such may be prone to wrong influences.

Of course if you have an honest watchman then it is a great boon because his presence itself will deter crooks. Get a watchman through an agency and make sure you keep his photograph with you. You could, perhaps, speak to other people who live in the same bungalow as you do about hiring a watchman and splitting his pay. It could then be the duty of the watchman to go to everyone's home once a month and collect his salary, so no one person is burdened with the responsibility of his salary.

If you live in a neighbourhood with its own watchman who walks around the area banging his stick on the ground, consider giving him a small tip every month and tell him to keep a special lookout for your car and your home.

Always make sure that the doors and windows are locked every night before turning in. Don't presume that you didn't open the door to the balcony on a particular day so it must be locked. Make it a routine to check every door and window at night before going to bed.

Get grills on your windows, especially if you leave them open at night before sleeping. If you have sliding windows, consider getting box grills. If you think they are very ugly, you could consider getting them on just a few windows, and leave only those windows open at night.

If you have a balcony, make sure you lock the door to the balcony at night. Don't sleep with doors open, no matter how safe your neighbourhood.

Get a dog. An old person living alone is especially vulnerable and is a target for thieves. A young woman living alone is vulnerable too, and such persons should definitely get a dog. In fact, it makes sense for them to get ferocious guard dogs that are not afraid to bite on command. In any case, statistics show that homes with dogs are less likely to get burgled by strangers. Even if you keep a small dog, he will alert you to any strange presence.

Burglar-Proof your Home

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