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Thread: How to Create Positive Impact on Child’s Brain Development?

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    How to Create Positive Impact on Child’s Brain Development?

    How to ensure healthy brain development of children? What are the ways to prevent negative impact on child’s brain development? Why is it necessary to create positive impact on brain development of children?
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    Hi, as parents it is important for us to ensure that our child has proper and healthy development of the brain. Creating a positive environment for the children is necessary so that there is proper growth of the child. Creating a positive environment can have a positive impact on the child. During the child’s life its brain development takes place at a faster pace in few years. By the age of three the child’s brain is said to be completely developed and is very active than the brain of an adult. It is necessary that you deal very cautiously during the developmental stages.

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    The growing years of the children are very crucial and needs to be dealt smartly. It is important that children have a positive impact on their mind and it is our responsibility as parents to create this positive impact and also tell the teachers to have the same impact on the child. Remember children learn some natural stimuli on their own and there might be reasons when children cry like when they are hungry or sleepy or uncomfortable. It is important to teach our children various things from the start itself and to take things positively.

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    It is necessary that our children know and understand the meaning of attachments. It is also necessary for them to teach with whom they should get attached. This feeling of attachment should be imbibed in the kids right from the start of their childhood. Being social is extremely important, let your child free and do not restrict him at home itself. Interacting with people is really important and from that only they will learn different things and different experiences. The more interaction he has with other children and people the more candid and free he will be.

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    Some kids have a shy and introvert nature and can have negative impacts. Help them bond with other family members, children, cousins which is an important part of interaction and be social. Family and friends are always ready to help it is you who have to let your children out and be free to talk to them and interact. Explain the value of family to the children and let them know the importance of bonding and socialising. This bonding concept can help the children not be reckless and alone when he or she grows up.

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    Hi, as parents we are extremely careful about what our child eats and yes it is necessary that the child has proper nutrition during his growing stages. In the first five years of the child’s growth the brain shapes up and becomes the base of the brain development so it is necessary that your child it the right things. All the required nutrients should be given to the child like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and all the other nutrients which are necessary for the growth and development of the brain as well as the body.

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    Make sure your child has a safe environment to grow so that he or she does not have any kind of impact on their mind. Try to create a positive and calm environment around your children so that they learn to be positive and also have a good impact. Keeping your children away from abusive and negative people is extremely important so that they do not learn all those unwanted things at such an early age. It is important that you keep and an eye on your child so that he does not fall into a bad company or learn negative things from any outsider or family member.

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    Hello, it is necessary that we understand what our child wants. A child will express himself by expressions or body movements and it is us who should understand what our child exactly wants. You should respond to his needs faster so that it will not create any kind of misunderstanding and negative feeling in the child, in fact when you react to them quickly they will have a positive and loving impact on the child’s mind. The feeling of love and affection can be felt by the children quickly and also understood faster. Let the child be free and only teach him things which he can understand and not too stressful.

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    The child’s brain is very delicate during its development and overstimulation can cause damage to it. Make sure that your child does not have any kind of stress and is happy. Stress, anxiety and too much stimulation can also be fatal for the child and over teaching the child and distress can cause harm to the child’s brain. It is important that you let your child grow freely and without any kind of stress. Children should learn to explore the world on their own as well forcing them to do something against their will can hamper their development and growth.

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    eating right food that is nutritive food like almonds,akrut and other dry fruits helps toi boost your brain and also eat lot raw vegetables like carrot,cabbage.I particularly insisted raw vegetables because when you cook more than 50 percent of nutrients are lost.Having a ctive lifestyle also helps brain development of a child,this is how you can improve your brain by providing it with enough nutrients apart from this also do meditation,apart from this 2 reasons the environment also plays a major role

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