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Thread: Not happy in my married life

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    Not happy in my married life

    From the day one after wedding, i have been asked my inlaws to get some or the other stuffs like money or dresses for everyone etc from my parents on every festival and my parents are also fulfilling their wishes but even after all this my inlaws keep blaming my parents and me that my parents dnt know what needs to be given to daughter's inlaws and husband. It is been 2 n half years now, i have been trying to resolve these issues. last year i have been forced my inlaws to have a baby and now i have a daughter. The day when my daughter born my mother in law told me that it would have been better if I would have been given a birth to boy. After 15 days of my delivery I had come to my parents place and it is now 3 months nobody have come to meet me and my daughter not even my husband. There is a tradition at my inlaws place that to go to my parents place somebody from my parents side should come and pick me and if I want to go back my husband should come and pick me. My husband has denied that he wont come to my parents place to pick me and he is not even speaking to me. I have been sending her baby's pictures and videos but no response from him. Please suggest what should I do.

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    Life is all about taking it as it comes! Surekha, Really unfortunate to hear your piece of story. It would be hard to suggest/advise on your situation without understanding the whole story. I'm not a professional counselor however have help friends come out of personal crisis in their lives for years.

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    feeling ashamsed of your inlaws. They want to harrase you by keep on demanding like anything. Just wait for more time and make court case on them.

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