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Thread: size issues

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    size issues

    Please suggest me some way to increase the size of p***s naturally?

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    I thought d friends here will help me out but its ok dear if u think my thread as fake.

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    search on google they provide many natural exercise you will get demonstration in you tube

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    Use a magnifying glass

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    hahaha! nice one

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    sneha its serious issue plz dnt make fun

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    size doesnt matter, its all depend on you, what & how you heat up. before you start.. give her the best... from top to Bottom then see ..
    you have manythings to keep her go... use it before you hit the Goal

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    you do the same with ur hubby????? LOL @ sneha lal
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    The famous quote is, it does not matter how big the gun is. It matters how well it can shoot. Try not to have the inferiority complex. Try to enjoy the fullest and relax.

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