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Thread: good gynec. in Apollo

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    good gynec. in Apollo

    I am going to have my delivery at Apollo and I know that I have made a good choice. Which gynec. is the best at Apollo?

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    Dr. Vindhya of Apollo hospitals is an excellent doctor. She is very experienced and post delivery care is also very good.

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    I did not have a pleasurable experience with vindhya. She is money minded. She forced to have a c-section early so I switched my gynaecologist. Please do not go to Vindhya. She is a cheat and worst doctor.

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    I think there must be some mistake in your part. Dr. Vindhya is very experienced. I went to her and she suggested normal delivery. I could not take the labour pains and wanted to have epidurals but she refused . so I had a sweet baby through normal delivery without epidurals.

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