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Thread: Misunderstanding with my husband

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    Misunderstanding with my husband


    I got married recently(arranged marriage). We were happy just for few weeks. I'm very much possessive on him. But for him family is first. We live with his parents. He is having two younger sisters(married) they stay nearby. We never get privacy to talk. Always one or the other will be around us. Even for honeymoon we went with their friends. I hardly get time to spend. I feel lonely and started bursting at him for each and every issue. He is very good guy in person always used to take care of me as well.That moment i didnt realize his affection. When he is with his family(specially with younger sister) he forgets me totally. Once when we went for an outing he gave first importance to his sister then used to give attention to me. Recently i when we went for one wedding when we were in room his sister was changing the saree. For taking someting he enetered the room. Myself,his mother and sister where inside. My sister-in-law asked him to help in draping the saree which i felt insult and shouted at them. Cried a lot. We fought for few days. He said he will not repeat it again. This is how they were broughtup. After few days again when my sister-in-lwas kid was ill she called my husband to take her to hospital. He called me and informed. Same day at night 11:30 she called him. So after seeing this i couldn't sustain. I bursted and i texted him harshly and came out of his house. But now i feel that is my mistake in misunderstanding them/o because of possessiveness i baheved like that. I want your opinion whether i overreacted / is this common? Now he is not ready to accept me since i tortured him with harsh words and suspecting him with his sister. We where together just for three months. I want him anyways. Tell me whose side is wrong?

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    Hi Varuni,

    After reading all of what you have written or what you have gone through seems just to be a temporary issue. Since its an arrange marriage so you will have to give him and his family some time to adjust as well. If he also loves you he wont let u go. So my advice would be to enjoy ur life.

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    Hi Varuni
    when we need something, instead of saying directly, we judge other person
    you needed privacy with him, an intimate relationship
    please keep asking him for that...that is ur need
    but dont judge him as being too atached to his family etc etc. he will slowly change

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    Hi varuni,
    Just chill, your hubby has a very helpful nature and cannot say no to anyone whois asking for his help. Just look at the positive side of the personality. I think u r becoming quite possessive. Just accept his helpful nature and you will always cherish your married life.

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    Yes you did wrong. If you have problem then discuss with family and your husband but don't over react in any suitation. If there will be any emergency then you should obey to your husband words and follow him..

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