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Thread: Top 5 Salad Recipes for Kids

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    Top 5 Salad Recipes for Kids

    How to make kids eat salads without making a fuss? Which are the best vegetable salad recipes for kids? How to make fruit salad for kids instantly?
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    Kids make a fuss while having salads. They seldom develop a liking for such healthy foods especially salads. My niece used to hate salads, but now she just loves salads. Her mother gives her salads in innovative ways. She makes interesting characters out of the vegetables and then makes a story based on that character. now my niece looks forward to eating salads.

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    Salads can be made more tempting and tasty for the kids and then kids will surely love it. Adding more colour to the salads in form of colourful veggies will make the salad look appealing and kids will love it. To make it more tempting, dressings can be added. A tangy taste can be given by adding a dash of lime juice.

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