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Thread: My 13 year old wants to join Facebook

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    Arrow My 13 year old wants to join Facebook

    My daughter is 13 years old and is insisting on making a Facebook profile for herself. Apparently, 13 year olds are allowed to be on Facebook...? But i dont think it is safe. i want to monitor her account myself. I want to explain privacy and all to her.? Should i allow her to set up her page? Should i set her privacy settings myself?

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    There's nothing wrong with letting her on Facebook so far as you set her privacy settings to the highest and explain that she should only let her friends friend her on FB and be careful about the photos that she shares on Facebook. Explain that she should create friend lists so that she can decide which information she wants to share with which people. Also, you should friend her yourself and insist that she share her password with you. Assure her that you will not invade her privacy but just wish to keep the password for safety sakes. Keep your email ID as the backup email ID. this should all keep your daughter safe on Facebook. If you forbid her, she will lie but still use it as it is a peer-pressure related urge to be on Facebook..

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