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Thread: single mother facing many chalanges

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    single mother facing many chalanges

    hi ,i m single mother of daughter of 12 yrs old .my husband was expired 7yrs back.my daughter is vry caring.but feeling vry lonely.

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    Hi, Veena,

    I am a single mother too. I have a 3 year old boy child. Are you from Bangalore?

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    I am also a single mother of 6 months old boy, recently my husband died in a road accident .Even we are not completed first anniversary of our marriage.With in one year everthing will over.. Now am staying with my parents. Even am feeling lonley..but we cant do anything,god is the master of our lives, I am just feeling that my husband with me only,he will not go anywhere, Iam sharing everything with him through writing letters,and keeping them in a personal rack with his photo..

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    Hi, really very sad to hear this....but life should be move on....so take care of your son...

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    Hi Veena, make a good friend with whom u can share your feelings and spend some time with him...

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    really true emotional attachment with your husband within a short span. god bless u hasini to bear the pain of the separation.

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    yes... life should be move on....even though we are not having any interest to live...we should live..along with my husband in accident I have lost my mother in law and father in law,I have lost my tatal family except my boy then he just 5 days old..my life filled with full of darkness..what should be the next step??? full of confusion..After three months i have decided I should live for my son otherwise he will become orphan,even i cant imagine that...
    Now simply my life is going on with my naughty smart and cute boy..I had completed M.Tech.. now am going to do my PhD.

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    hi veena how are you..???

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