I wanted to gain some external views and advice on a situation that I am facing. I am married for 4 years now. We live abroad, both are well educated and are working. Wife is pregnant with our first child.

Since our marriage, my wife has been complaining about my parents, picking fights on small things and blocking me from having conversations with my parents. She has been very critical about my job and my salary and complaining about money matter - I think, we are financially stable and we both are earning.

These days she constantly insults and abuses me and my parents. She knows very well that if she says anything to my parents, I get hurt. She recently declared that my parents should neither be allowed to visit us nor be allowed to see our child.

I tried to explain my position and thought process to my wife. However, I never get a chance to complete my sentence. I tried to write my thoughts down and share it - but the words in the letter got twisted and now being used against me. Now, since she is pregnant, I am choosing to simply listen and not to say anything in response since responding to her escalates the quarrel and never turns into a rationale discussion. The abuse and criticism is affecting my personal and professional life.

I have communicated the issues to in-laws, but it took me nowhere, and they support wife' s behavior and abusive nature.

How would you recommend to deal with the situation?
What are the ways to bring parents and wife closer?
How to ensure the family remains in harmony?