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Thread: Tips for De-Stressing Your Child

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    Tips for De-Stressing Your Child

    Does your child get stressed? How can you help your child deal with stress? How can you help de-stress your child?
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    Hi, it is important for all the parents to know that children also undergo through stress just like us adults. Children usually never tell about their stress but seem to fall ill or tend to get nervous and scared of things. There are some parents who have a lot of expectations from their and this makes the children burdened and pressurised. When they are not able to come up to the expectations of their parents they start getting stresses and depressed. Today’s competitive world has also increased the stress levels in kids. It is our duty that we motivate our child and help them to reduce their stress by supporting them.

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    In today’s world competition has increased so much that children have to cope up with so many things. A lot of competition, rivalry between friends and peers, a lot of peer pressure, school work, exams and high expectations of the parents. All these factors can lead to stress and depression in the children. Though all of these are considered as common things which are faced by all the children in their life but there are some children who cannot deal with the stress and tend to breakdown. Children start behaving negatively, they are always frustrated, irritated, angry or in depression. They should be helped as soon as possible.

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    As parents it is our duty to find out whether our child is having any kind of difficulties in their life or not. We should look through it and take care of our children because they will never speak up to you unless you ask them. The main aim should be to find the cause of the stress. Once you know what is bothering your child you can find a solution to that and eliminate the stress from your childs life. Assure him that he is doing his best and appreciate him so that he feels motivated and encouraged to do things without stress.

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    Hello, it is important that you understand that it is actually stress and not just a normal child behaviour issue. Your child can be emotionally and mentally wrecked if the stress is getting to him. Try to be patient and calm so that you understand your child’s problem instead of just ignoring it. Help him solve his problems and assure him that everything will be fine. Put no pressure on him and appreciate small things which he does and make him or her feel happy.

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    Hi, you can help your child to get out of the stress which he has of studies or peers. Make sure you make a routine which is followed by your child so that he doesn’t have difficulties in studying and does not feel pressurised. If he or she follows the study habits regularly it is less likely to feel burdened when the work is completed before time. Guide your child whenever possible keep an eye on him and keep motivating him so that he feels confident and also try to boost his self-esteem. Make him feel positive so that he can solve his problems easily and with a positive attitude.

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    Children are so busy in studies and homework, exam that they have forgotten to play. I recommend you that you put your child for some extracurricular activities. He might love playing cricket or enjoy karate, put him to those classes so that he feels fresh and active. Daily almost one hour is enough for them to do these activities, it will also help them keep their minds off the stress which they have. Remember to keep your child’s mind away from any kind of inferiority complex. Help him socialise more so that his confidence is boosted and he feels more positive.

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    The main mistake which parents do is set high expectations in front of the children without even thinking the fact that is the child capable of fulfilling the expectations. This burden and pressure affects the children badly and when they are not able to reach to their parents expectations they start feeling nervous and scared. Never expect so much that your child goes in depression, see the capabilities of your child and appreciate what your child is doing. Setting small goals and targets which are within your child’s ability should be encouraged more than expecting too much from him.

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    Hi, having some rules for the children sometimes is beneficial for them. Having a specific bedtime can help them get rid of such stress and depression. Some children have a habit of watching TV till late night or playing video games which should be avoided. When children are sleep deprived they are frustrated and irritated and tend to be more fussy. If they get a good sleep they will be fresh and active in the morning and will be able to complete their studies on time. A sound sleep can also help relax the mind and body of the child.

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