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Thread: Need suggessions!!!

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    Unhappy Need suggessions!!!

    I am going through a bug problem - I am working in an MNC and doing great at my work - my husband always wanted me to work so that we have a balanced life and give good to our kid. Lately from last 6 months my life is completely messed up - I used to be very jovial and friendly kind of person and get mixed up with anyone easily - I am married for 8 years and working from starting - there had not been any issues in the past - my husband doesn't like much me talking to boys - lately I was taking to one of my collegue very frequently on phone and I hided this from my husband as I knew he will never like this. He got to know this from my phone logs - from that day I am facing very hard time - he has turned so much insecure, he loves me a lot and cannot live without me, this incident has effected his health adversaly and he is suffering from anxiety - I have given him confidence that I am not talking to anyone now - beleive me I am not talking to that guy or anyone in office now - my nature has changed - my life has chaged - I am not myself anymore - he always feels insecure when I am about to leave for office - and is scared all day I might not get in touch with that guy again - it is not going to happen I know very well - I have strictly asked that guy not to do any kind of contact with me ever and he has also agreed - I love my husband a lot and concerned for him - I have a kid and he is my life - I dont want him to suffer because of us - now my husband wants me to quit the job - is this a solution??? - though I am not ambitious and more of family oriented - but leaving job is very very tough for me - I am feeling like my identity will be lost if I stop working - I will not be happy at all staying at home all the time - I have been working from last 8 years and this is the time I am at a very good position in my career - sometimes from his behaviour I feel like
    I have no feelings now for him - which may be because I am stressed and he is also stressed - I am not able to decide what should I do - sometimes I feel like get separated from him but then it will be my kid who will suffer the most whether he lives with him or me. Please help me - I cnnot discuss this iwth anyone and going through a very bad time - will quitting job for family a good decision and will it make my life smooth knowing that my hubby is kind of a person who takes things to the extreme. why he is not getting out of this and keep trust on me.He will not be able to live if I leave him.

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    Your husband loves you alot. He doesn't want to leave you so he is not allowing to realize that you have changed. He is still afraid of that guy. Please tell him that you can't quit the job and why you are not ready to do so. He will definitely understands you. Take care.

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