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Thread: my son failed two years in a row.

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    Unhappy my son failed two years in a row.

    my son failed two years in a row. he just came to know he failed for the 2nd time. he is very sad. i have not yelled at him or anythin. i just told him it is okay and we will see what to do but he is always quiet and keeping to himself which is very abnormal for him. how do i get through to him and change his mood?

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    Your son needs your support now. This is a crucial time for him and he needs your love, care and attention. He must be feeling guilty and sad because he failed twice in a row and you have also not scolded him. He may be thinking that he could not live up to your expectations. Try to divert his mind and guide him. IF you are not there for him right now, then he will be under depression and it may be too late.

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    TYry to change his mood by taking him out somewhere. you need to support him. Tell him that this is not the end of the road. there are many other avenues open that he can try. Also do assure him that you are with him, come what may be. Try to go out for a movie or a nature trail. anything of his interest will do the trick. Take care.

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    Hey Neha,
    I agree with them both.
    This is very crucial moments for your son & you also. Understand his feelings, see what he want to do. If somewhere he is going wrong, bring him in right track. Help him, after all parents are another frnd for son.
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