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Thread: How to Stop Children from Misbehaving at School

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    How to Stop Children from Misbehaving at School

    Why do kids misbehave at school? How to control child’s misbehaviour at school? How to punish kids if they misbehave at school?
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    Many kids misbehave in school due to various reasons. Dealing with misbehaviour is best by trying to understand the reason of misbehaviour. Talking with the child helps to understand him or her better. Spending time with them helps them open up and this helps in curbing misbehaviour. Rather than punishing for misbehaviour, you should discipline them by explaining

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    One of the reasons to childrens misbehavior is parent's activities in front of them. Mostly children have learned the things and activities from parents only. If parents did any wrong things or bad behavior in front of them, they should observed and will do the same things to others.

    So Childrens misbehavior is in their parents hand only. Parents should take care of children and always notice what they are doing in home and school. If parents spending much time with children and giving guidance for how to behave at school means, they could become at good level. Not necessary to punish them.

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    It is the teacher's responsibility to take care of feeding good habits in to them.

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    I agree with karthik, the misbehavior of children is due to the parents conduct at home, as they spend most of the time at home. All the things are new to children, and they adapt themselves to want ever they see around them. Usually they are more attractive to the wrong activity, as they dont know what is wrong and right. So parents should make sure that they behave well at home. Stop yelling at others, or giving back answers to elder.
    Also the reason of children misbehaving at school, due to friends he/she has at school. Teachers and parents should make sure that the child is in good circle of class fellow. Also the parents should take time in explaining their child that his/her behavior at school is not correct and can hurt other schoolmates.

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    Hi, children are always in different moods every time. In school they are happy, sad, angry, aggressive, naughty, moody and many more. It is difficult for us as parents to deal with such mood swings and behavioural problem. Children often tend to misbehave in school and there are loads of complains coming from the schools. Usually boys are more mischievous than girls. Children misbehave due to various reasons like having a feeling of something and if that feeling is triggered. It is better to know the reason behind this behaviour and know what is troubling the child and she can maybe feel free to express what she feels.

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    Every parent has to deal with their children’s misbehaviour in their life on some point. We as parent can find out the reason for their misbehaviour. I can understand that when children misbehave it hurts a lot but we have to deal with it and find a solution to it. Children tend to throw tantrums at small things and it is necessary to keep calm and if we lose it the situation will be worse. Controlling kids with tantrums is quite a challenging task. You can ask the kid calmly why he is troubled and what is making him so irritated and agitated.

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    I personally feel the best possible way to understand why your child is misbehaving it to understand the problem first by connecting to your child. Now-a-days parents don’t get time to connect with their children as they as so busy in their work and schedules. But this should be not done if there are complaints from the school about your children it is important to find out why and it is necessary that you have to talk with your child so that he feels safe and secure and feels motivated. Help your child develop and make him realise that you are with him.

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    It is important for us as parents to develop self-control in our children. Children are scared or hurt and that is one of the reason for their mischievous behaviour. If you get angry they try to act that way more and become more stubborn. It is also necessary to know that punishment does not help in this case. The child may feel guilty about herself and in spite of solving the problem it will become worse. The main aim is to find out the reason and try to solve that rather than shouting and scolding your children.

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    Hi, according to me it is important that the children speak their mind and heart out so that they do not feel bothered about anything. It is important for us as parents to be extremely supportive in such cases and assure the children you are with them and there is no need to be scared of anything or any punishment. Telling the truth is important and having a daily conversation with your child about school and other things will help you identify the reason and you can find a solution for it. Make your child feel safe and secured.

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